Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wowch Leggings

I first saw these leggings goodness knows how long ago and I really wanted to get a pair for myself, and it seems after I work industriously this weekend I'll be able to afford a pair; although at the moment my mother is egging me on to get myself alaptop to write notes for university with. I don't know how well that will go really since these beauties are on sale and their can't be too many left in their numbers! I know the perfect shoes to wear them with and I'm super psyched to know the identity of these leggings featuring cats on the knees is produced by Wowch!

Being an atypical hipster I would prioritise the cat leggings over the wolves but both are equally fierce; I just happen to favour the single shade colour of the cats rather than the wolves subtle shades of grey as well as yellow eyes. While they have been layered as a staple piece for laying, I know that I would love to wear these with vintage capes as well as parkas and toggle coats when the weather turns cold. Each of the designs for Wowch are printed on American Apparel clothing so you can be assured of their quality, and as mentioned before artists Ann Muddy featured the cat leggings in one of her drawings

Really love the vibrant backgrounds behind the leggings there, it's sort of mind-bendingly distracting but at the same time very fitting and kinda soothing to see the two wild designs paired up together. Sort of like the perfect marriage and the relief you feel when your best friend finds a nice guy to date.

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  1. Where do you get such cutie cutie cute tights from?