Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wowch Cat Totes and Shirt Dresses

Continuing my psychedelic spree and coverage of clothing and accessories too from Wowch is a few cat clad pieces of clothing. I'll finally be free of hulking bags of school books this year but then there's also the security issue of being without a locker and typing up my notes during lectures. The problem is that I type fast, only on a single computer which is not a laptop but I can at least carry my text books with style using calico bags featuring rad prints of cats from building to building.

Out of the two tote bags that are currently being sold on the Wowch website and online store I prefer this cat print bag- although I don't see the point in cutting off one cats head and plonking it on to a mismatching body. I still like the print and basic design as well as the basic poise of the cat shown here. They only cost $12 a pop though so if you're going to get one, why not get both?

It's a shame that these are the only shirt dresses manufactured or reproduced / decorated) by Wow clothing since they've both already sold out! I wouldn't mind wearing a pair of leggings underneath these baggy and comfortable beauties but I suppose there's also vintage clothing which has cute cat faces in full on their shirts too. I really hope they make more shirt dresses in the future, I certainly would jump on the opportunity to own one with a unicorn or a wold howling in front of a full moon. Team them up with leggings adorned with cat faces on the knees and you got yourself a killed combination!

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