Monday, January 16, 2012

Witch's Magic

I'm getting back to my usual self: adoring my long black hair and dreading getting it cut on Sunday, finding photographs that have an eerie vibe to them and getting inspired to wear all black again. I would want to burn candles at the moment but my mother is home and still thinks that at the age of eighteen I'm likely to burn down the house with all the loose paper about in my room- so that's why I mainly stick to burning it in the lounge room. Still, I've fallen in love with the smell of Cherry blossom and the Osaka inspired scented candle, it's a shame that I've almost burn it all away but I guess that gives me an excuse to buy some more in different scents and flavours to brighten up my room.

Today I finally received my American Apparel blouse in white and I'm looking forward to wearing it under a large black and loosely knitted jumper. I love the appeal of black lace and spindly black knits- it's like looking at strong black spider webs strung by monstrous arachnids. While I can't easily replicate the orange glow of the lighting behind this girl, the silhouette effect with a bare and strung crochet top would be a nice idea. I'm mainly attracted to the idea for the dark hair and dark clothes underneath, it reminds me of old fairy tales and witches dancing under a full moon to perform sacred rites, or so author Terry Pratchett will have me believe.

I've always had a mild fascination with glass bottles including the orange bottle of iodine, that is until I sliced my skin open and actually had to use its stinging contents to keep my wound clean every day for about a week. Once I even dug up a small glass bottle in my backyard, but I broke it when washing it under the tap and getting rid of all the dirt. In retrospect I really should have been a lot more careful with such a precious item, I can't exactly remember the shape correctly but it was about the size of my hand. I had replaced it a few months ago with a glass bottle, perfectly round and thick as a gift from the Tim Burton exhibition at ACMI in Melbourne but I gave that away to my boyfriend since he lent me the DVDs of the creative genius before we were going out.

I've looked down on people who aspired to become artists throughout high school always thinking of it as unsteady and unpredictable endeavour but I sort of want that freedom and flexibility of lifestyle. I'm not sure how I'll take to the 9-5 grind day in and day out and after seeing photographs of Olympia Le-Tan's studio space I wish I could just do what I felt like each day, drawing this and finishing off that and colouring in bits and pieces. I'd love to be able to create so many different textures with the mere flick of my risk as well as command colours and make them melt into each other but I always press too hard into the paper and scratch it deeply. Besides, hands can be surprisingly hard to draw and I've never really gotten good at drawing people. With the slightest mistake in detail I feel guilty about botching someone's face I'm attempting to draw.

The images you're clapping your eyes on have come from the blogspot of Bloodmilk Jewellery their banner reading 'Supernatural Jewels for Surrealist Darlings', I was at a loss for what images I could to pull together a gold old fashioned spooky post that emanates dark magic and the forbidden arts so I may be a tad unoriginal. I highly suggest you check out their blogspot as well as their Etsy store as well if you're interested in dark silver jewellery, thick with oxidation as well as obsidian stone and the occasional rose gold piece.

I'm really adoring studio spaces for jewellery and fashion geniuses, if I'm not careful I may just sell a lot of my possessions to clear out space in my room for the same minimalist impression. Or that may just give me the opportunity to collect all of the same thing or mature more in my taste in decorating my room as well as my own appearance and body.

I could never hope for such a dark and moody effect in my room as this, while I have been after some vintage frames I haven't yet taken the initiative to explore second hand shops properly. I like the spooky Polaroid films in the background as well as the motifs of eyes, triangles, arrows and ghostly hands. The last book I read had a ghost in it but it was more an excuse for the hero and heroine to knock boots together and for him to protect her; that's what i get from picking a romance book at random off the spiral rack but I was trying to find the least ridiculous cover possible. I should try and read something that's properly frightening with actual ghosts, the closest I've gotten is finishing Frankenstein which I actually enjoyed unlike every other person in my Literature class.
Seeing this makes me miss the days away from home when I was with my friends from high school and fooling around on the beach. Though we did climb around on the nearby rocks turned into islands by oncoming tide returning in, we never wore out best clothes or were perfectly silhouetted in out photographs. I don't think I know of anyone who has fingers that long and frail in real life, when I was born my mother knew I would have long fingers as a baby but the photograph seems to really accentuate long and thin fingers. They must be topped off with thin and pointy fake nails for extra emphasise.

I could turn on the air-conditioner to keep myself company but I usually feel guilty using it when it's just me on my own. I might need it if I found something so abominably furry to wear on my sleeves though, maybe I'll just wear little clothing and plain cropped camisoles and top while the weather is so hot looking like a wild fairy rather than a witch weighed down in black. So many options and it seems so little motivation to do any of it.

Although the last few images have all been from the same set, they have distinctly different moods just from changing the lighting and angle. Since I take my own photographs I'm not so keen to move about in location or change the position of my tripod once I've found something that works. Changing location isn't so much of a difficult task once I have a rough idea of what each shot looks like from certain heights. Even though all the images are not taken from the same position and have varying angles they all look the same and that's something I'd like to achieve when I finally try to construct my own outfit posts. 

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