Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Bloodmilk Jewellery runs an amazing blog, if you enjoy the evil looking photographs I sometimes post and dark magic in general you should have a peak over there and at their Etsy store as well. I could liken their pieces to that of Pamela Love in that dark, grunge tradition of using oxidised silver and creating bird skulls as well as Ouija board pointers, bones, raw crystal and pentagrams. I like the gritty style and darkness of it all, not that I'm anti-religious but I think it's easier to embrace something that's dark and alluring. Besides, I read a lot of books about witches as it is so I don't see them as evil, more like rich characters with interesting stories to tell.

Instagram seems a fitting tool to take a photograph of this pentagram necklace made of chunky sticks of silver in its rough shape. The chains used for these two necklaces aren't overly decorative and I think it would look rather nice against a clean and crisp blouse. It's a shame I don't have a spare hundred dollars lying around, I could really splash out on the pentagram star necklace as well as an amazing rune stone cuff. Grit, character and intuitive design in jewellery will always win over boring plain pieces that are made poorly in basic metals. I don't understand why some people my age still buy from stores like Diva, they're so cheap and nasty.

Another alluring feature of photographs from Bloodmilk Jewels is there studio space- out of focus in the foreground of this photograph is a perfectly dried out starfish. The exoskeleton is as hauntingly beautiful as it is creepy and there's something intriguing about the mixture of those two features. When I was a little girl I loved going to the beach and collecting as many seashells as possible- I still have that quirk when I go down to the beach with my friends but most of the time I throw them back in.

I've wanted to have a claw ring for a while but I'm not sure whether I want to have a really gritty and realistic claw sitting on my finger from Bloodmilk or something smoother and with sleeker lines from Unearthen. Between the two pieces there won't be a massive difference in price and with Unearthen I also have a choice of different metals and stones. While I go like the large talons and oxidised details of this ringing sitting around with petrified eggs, I'm more attracted to the perfect shape of an orb and it's association with magic and wizardry.

After pouring my eyes over the Bloodmilk website I got in the mood to cut out some thick paper in the shapes of bones and a skull but I don't think I would ever be game enough to collect bones and taxidermy also creeps me out a fair bit. Although I have aspirations towards becoming a veterinarian I would prefer to concentrate on keeping animals alive rather than preserving their corpses, even if it was for the benefit of science and learning.

Something that won't creep me out though is the use of smoke flares in photography and the colourful smokescreen effect it creates. I have no idea where one would find such an item except maybe a small boat but I don't really want to sabotage and risks people's lives and safety in the name of art. If I knew the location of an excellent location of forest in Winter or Autumn then maybe I would go out of my way to purchase them but my heart's not really into it at the moment. I just enjoy seeing all the different colours and the shades and shadow they create when used.

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