Friday, January 20, 2012

Wildfox 2012

I had previously included a picture of this purple haired model in platform ballet flats in which I was lusting over her shoes and here she is again promoting a brand called Wildfox. Finally I learn the identity of this international brand and find more tempting clothes which are now available to pre-order from Superette an online New Zealand store who's blog I follow as well. There's a heavy influence of American motifs such as Eagles, stars and stripes as well as loosely Western based jewellery such as cow skulls.

I consider my best weapon to keep out the cold in Winter to be a very comfy and baggy jumper and although the one shown above is loosely thread-bare, it would make for the perfect jumper worn over some long sleeve shirts and dress up jeans nicely. Although with legs like that, who needs pants really? Without wearing bottoms, you can see the material's thickness as well as the intentional holes at the bottom.

Well I had always tried to move away from American flags as a part of denim and shirts due to the crowd that wears that type of clothing the most, I do love the bright red/ orange colour of the coral shirt shown above with a small detail of stars and stripes shown as a heart. It's not something I would buy for myself but with the looks of the model including softly tan skinned and purple hair she looks like a million bucks and she's certainly working it.

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