Sunday, January 29, 2012

White Wowch Shirts

With the midst of Summer making its presence ever so clear when I'm slaving away umpiring a basketball game in a hot stadium, I can't help but think that I really need some new shirts to change out of when I finish my shifts. Preferably white since they will reflect the most light and therefore keep me the coolest. Loose large shirts are my preference and the bright and vibrant designs and colours designed by wacky brand Wowch on American Apparel quality shirts has got my hooked. They splice up elements from one design and impose it upon another, but it works so well.

My favourite shirt features a fluffy and happy looking dog, wearing a straw hat holding two kittens. It's because it's not as loud and garish as the other designs that I like it as well as the use of kittens incorporated into a design. I've also been looking at a few vintage cat and kitten designs on Etsy but maybe a nice clean looking shirt that will be free of mould would be a better and more wise move. Since the colour of this grey shirt isn't too dark I think that it would also fair well in Summer when worn with a pair of denim shorts; or a cute skirt if you're in the flirty mood.

The classic design of 'See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak no Evil', recreated with some cute little kittens overshadowing an ancient looking car.It's probably the wild and eclectic backdrops for each shirt that make them seem so interesting and quirky but I quite like this whole vibe. Makes it seem a little psychedelic as well as punk and nu wave.

A close second in terms of my favourite white shirts from Wowch is this very detailed depiction of the beach and shore with a lighthouse shining a cat's godlike image over the water. It scarily reminds me a lot of the German World War II campaign advertisements with figures looking and overseeing everything in the background but the vivid colours and vibrant sea background are also cheery and remind me a lot of carefree nostalgia of schoolies and exam celebrations. I love the cheery matching of the sky background and the clouds on the design of the shirt.

I might like this creepy cat shirt were it not for the sad looking pugs on each of its paws, thus giving the shirt it's name "master of puppets". I personally draw the line at having a cat with a scary look on its face with yellow eyes and teeth bared but for it to have miserable looking dog heads replacing its paws is just a little much. I'm not a great fan of this eclectic and new-age design and I do believe there is a thin-line between a great design and something that will cause every child on the street to have nightmares.

I know the perfect kimono to wear with this shirt, were it still available. it was decked out in crystal ball motifs with oriental style and the bulbous head of the bald alien controlled by a happy little cat with paws raised reminds me a lot of mystical fortune tellers with odd quirks and sketchy qualifications.

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