Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where Them Girls At?

Please excuse the grammatical nightmare of a title for this post- admittedly my best thinking does not occur during hot weather when I simply cannot be bothered to tie up my hair and also when I've been sitting at my computer work station for far too long.Since I've been stalking Tavi's blog as well as the tag posted under her name on Tumblr, I sort of wanted to pull together a vague compilation of school photographs. In black and white and first is an old photo shoot for New Zealand label, Twenty Seven Names which I love to death. For some strange reason, their awkward clunky Doc Marten style shoes in brown as well as mid calf socks in white reminded me of myself and really did it for me. I kinda wish I could go back to high school, just so I could wear those socks everyday again and also wear Doc Martens for my school shoes this time around.

Another feminine feature I'm mildly obsessing over is 'Chanel' advertisements and to a lesser extent, the Marc Jacobs ones too. It's sort of gotten to the point where the actual content of the ad in question is pretty or not, but when I see that word or combination of words my mind instantly assumes that the 'innards' so to speak will be pretty too. I think I have one or two magazine extracts on my wall for Chanel and Marc Jacobs but none of them are set up in this manner but they've certainly cracked the market and gotten a following of girls online. Evident from the fake advertisements people create with say, a volcano erupting instead of a girl holding perfume.
At the moment I'm tossing up whether or not to join the photography club at my university but the outings they listed for last year are only really suitable for landscape photographers and I'm more keen to capture interactions between humans or get into a studio space and do a little old-fashioned film shoot. Nothing says romantic more than a gorgeous girl dressed properly as well as soft focus photography.

I'm usually not that big a fan of blond but on the model shown here the peroxide shade looks quite charming and becoming- then again, I do also have a fondness for model Amanda Booth who now has light purple hair and tan skin in a similar shade to this model. Maybe I'm jealous of their legs and how stick thin they are, I referee once a week and previously played basketball twice a weak but I never did manage to slim down my thighs and calves. I know my calves are all muscle but my thighs are just a let down in comparison to this shining beacon of hope.

Seeing an image like this makes me more inclined to get my eyebrows professionally down but they look natural and I'm happy with how they are plus changing them can really drastically change the way a person's neutral expression look. I'm also in a long-term relationship and going something like that may certainly change things in a bad sort of way so without the old ball-and-chain I might but for now I'm all good. The models who have striking and thick eyebrows are usually the ones with the most delicate facial expressions and features so I may not be able to pull off something as well as they can.

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