Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle

Wearing: American Apparel Sheer Floral Blouse, Skirt from Miss Shop (Myer), This is Make Believe Resin Rose necklace, vintage scrunchie, elephant purse from Melbourne Zoo.

The purpose of this post is two fold, I had been collecting clothes together in a neat pile with a jungle sort of theme and this morning the delivery man gave me my new rose resin necklace! I'm super excited to finally have it, although I must admit the colour of the red is more pink then I originally thought it would be.

I'm sort of tempted to wear shorts, this blouse and necklace as well as my hair out tomorrow to my university enrollment day, the resin roses are faceted with double chains and some of the thickest clasps I've seen. I'm absolutely in love with my necklace, I wish the New Zealand label made more of this amazing necklaces! There are some available for sale on the Good as Gold online store, but I payed a sum total of $60AUD for mine instead of over $300! I love eBay and picking up on what other people don't want anymore.

My mother bought me this skirt several years ago and I usually get a few compliments when I wear it; it's reversible and has plain green on the underside but I love the sketched leaves in black and their pencil-like markings. It's pretty stretchy too so when going out for a big celebratory meal at a restaurant it never lets me done and is really comfortable in soft cotton. The elastic gather around the waist also makes it pleat gently down at the hem, one of my favourite features of a skirt these days.

I brought this sweet little purse to my Indonesian oral examination since I was discussing conflict between farmers and elephants on an Indonesian island- it just fits a few cards for ID as well as maybe bank card but I can't quite cram my phone in there. I really should wear my leaf skirt and elephant purse together more, maybe even go back to Melbourne Zoo to buy some more colours of this purse.

This is possibly the best little bun that I've ever done, but it still fell out after about an hour or two; the scrunchie isn't really supporting the bun instead I use the hair and twist it into itself and hold down the ends using clips. Still, I'm glad I'm getting some use out of my floral scrunchie. I only payed 50 cents for it at my local second hand shop and they had a whole bunch on display at the time. I wish I had bought more though.

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