Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wednesday Adams

Wearing: Vintage crochet jumper dress in black and White American Apparel Short-Sleeve Blouse.

I enjoyed dressing up and posing in front of the camera far too much this morning- this is my best Wednesday Adams impersonation.For once my long dark hair has come in handy and made me look like the perfect demon child. I was going to go without the red lipstick but then I decided to throw it in to match my red nails and I'm glad I did.

As well as this spooky ensemble inspired by Wednesday Adams of the Adams Family, I think I could really improve on the look if I were to buy a beret from Charlotte Olympia which features a large spider web at the top in golden thread. Eek! How spooky is that? I'm actually afraid of spiders quite a lot but I find spider web's beautiful works of art in the natural world. There must be something array with my brain or maybe I'm just afraid of the erratic way they move and the fact they're inside my house and have so many hairy legs.

This is one of my favourite jumpers for layering since it's got such a loose structure and sleeves which make it a lovely jumper to throw over the top of a couple of long sleeved shirts in Winter. I had to pull up the neck of the jumper to fit around the collar this well so if I'm ever on the street I won't look so much like Wednesday and I never have my hair plaited on the sides so you can forget about that. I'm more comfortable with my hair being out, or if I can be bothered in a long single plait down my back.

Even with a scarce scrap of make-up on my face my bags under my eyes are clearly visible- I hate Summer and going to bed and lying awake for a few hours before I finally fall asleep. At this time of the year it seems my insomnia is at it's worst. Oh well, at least this photograph lets the red lipstick really stand out and the water colour painted birds hanging in frames behind me is a nice versatile touch. If I really was Wednesday Adams though, I bet they would be skeletons of birds instead though.

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