Friday, January 6, 2012

Waiting List

Since I had received my final score for Year 12 that will allow me to get into my university of choice (hopefully) I've been treating myself here and there over the last month or so and have bought these five items which I am waiting to receive- the first is a vintage watch of a cat with moving eyes marking each second passing in yellow. I already have a Marc Jacobs guitar shaped watch but I have wanted to have a wall clock of a cat with moving eyes before and this is the perfect excuse to show if off. I fell in love with the brown leather straps and cartoon appearance, it was even better knowing this piece if one-of-a-kind and it's all mine as soon as it arrives in Australia from America.

Then there was my bulk order from the New Zealand website Good as Gold, I caved and finally found the best coloured fluffy Mr Lure key chain from Deadly Ponies in Peacock to update any satchel I decided to buy. Yesterday at my final shift of work I treated myself to a purple satchel and I think the clashing bright blue and purple may look good together if I choose to wear eclectic prints and colours. If not, I'll probably buy any other colour of the satchel I can get my filthy mitts on while my staff discount still applies. Since I wanted to get free postage I also convinced myself into getting a Stolen Girlfriends Club bow ring which I have been lusting after for years but since that particular piece is on back order my items will be delayed by a number of weeks till they get it in store. Luckily, I'm in no hurry.

I watched what I thought was the last of these Alexa Chung for Madewell sketched shirts go on eBay and their were a few excited bidders but after listing again the same item and in the same size I seized my opportunity. All good things come to those who wait it seems- I was able to get my shirt without any competition and payed the minimum amount possible for my limited edition sketch long-sleeve shirt featuring a disgruntled bride and the motto 'I'm Serious'. I can't wait till that piece comes.

I hadn't seen this resin brooch featured on another online store so after a day or two of humming and hawing I bought it yesterday before I headed off to work for what may be the last time- thinking to myself that I was just about to earn the money back anyway. Little did I know my store was full of gorgeous new goodies which I hadn't yet clapped eyes on and i would be spending money there as well. This is why I need a proper job- I've gotten so desperate for cash I have even resorted to applying to drop off catalogues in my local area. Even they haven't gotten back to me yet.

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