Monday, January 30, 2012

Vivienne Westwood Wing Shoes

I'm a bit of a large idiot because I haven't yet discussed Vivienne Westwood shoes in collaboration with Melissa who make the raddest jelly shoes you will ever see in your life time. When looking through the pages of Vogue in December 2008 I loved the rings chosen to mimic Zippora Seven's style and through the two brands: Matina Amanita and Stolen Girlfriends Club I got addicted to Violent Green, a Brisbane store which sells these cool Vivienne Westwood platform wedges featuring little wings on the ankles. 

At first I thought these Wedges were dark green, like high quality jade but I think it's the lighting and they're actually black now. I haven't seen any other images of dark green Vivienne Westwood wing shoes but I bet they would look great with Geisha style make up and a kimono while roving the streets of Japan and Tokyo. The sandals are inspired by the Grecian god of Mercury who was a messenger and wore winged sandals to travel quickly and across the sky. I love mythology and have since I was a child but my love has been further kindled by reading good literature and soppy romantic poems as well. I just love Vivienne Westwood as an added bonus!

For their wild and eclectic shape and design, I must admit, the muted tone of grey when worn with tights and a shift dress in a fairly muted and mundane coloured backdrop works really well. I already own a pair of Vivienne Westwood X Mellisa ankle boots that are more like rain boots in sparkly grey but I wouldn't mind getting my hands on these great winged platform wedges.

Magenta is the colour of the season and not only am I eagerly trying to find a pair of purple Vivienne Westwood platform wedges but there's also the new collection coming in for Deadly Ponies that I can't wait to see! While I do admire the more minimalist approach for such a wild and fantastic design, magenta is a brilliant colour for colour blocking and would look great with a pair of either black or patterned tights.

I admire the wedge style of these types of shoes- I can fair so much better in platform shoes than in heels but they still have the effect of leaving more poor legs and in particular, my calves really sore! Still, no pain no gain right? I'd be more than happy to sacrifice a little pain while rocking a sweet pair of winged sandals in the name of the messenger god mercury. Red is the most bright and colourful shade I've seen of these shoes available on eBay, but who knows? Maybe in the next week I'll strike it lucky and find some more colours available to buy online and it's nice being able to afford the nice things I see online for once.

A sculptural aspect that I really admire about these shoes is that they seem to be all one singular piece of plastic with a tiny wing detail added and the gold pair really do look like they belong on a pair of feet belonging to the gods. Even when worn with some very raggedy looking tattoo and skin colour tights. One thing I don't like about the Vivienne Westwood and Melissa shoe range for Anglomania is the strong smell of plastic that they seem to radiate. It's enough to give me an hour long head ache but I'm not sure if they haven't been worn out yet enough or that they need to be aired out.

Ah, coloured tights. One of the best inventions in the world and a way to instantly add colour to an outfit.The good thing about the peep toe of these platform wedges is that it doesn't really matter if you wear tights or not because it's not overly noticeable if there is a bit of odd stitching at the end. Maybe you could even wear sheer tights with a Bjork Swan dress for added quirk too?

I've just painted my nails the perfect colour to go with these light pink Vivienne Westwood platform wedges and white socks; it's by OPI and is sort of a pink/ nude colour and I love it, can't believe I haven't tried it before. While there aren't any of the Loveberry winged shoes available on eBay at the moment you better believe I'll pounce on the opportunity to get some for myself. They look so dreamy with a vintage floral dress especially when the skirt is at knee length.


  1. which store sells them??? I want to buy but no where to e found in the U.S!

  2. I scour eBay myself, I know some stores in Australia (my neck of the woods) but that won't be much help :\

  3. I always love to see these Vivienne Westwood Anglomania wings shoes but I cant wear these as I don't feel comfortable in heals.

  4. where can i buy theseee T.T theyre out of stock at the official page