Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vivienne Westwood Heart Bag

I have known about Vivienne Westwood's great line of shoes in collaboration with Melissa and also her designed Swatch watch from many, many years ago but I wasn't quite aware of these fabulous heart shaped bags sporting the Vivienne Westwood symbol: a planet with a cross encircled by an orbital ring. I'm not so keen on the handle bag straps, I don't really hold well with carrying a bag about in such a fashion but I do like the strap which can be used to wear across the body as a satchel, as well as the generous and supple shape of the heart for each bag.

I love getting to thoroughly layer up in the throes of Winter, but Australia is never really that gold so it's never as extreme as this cute couple. I love street style stalker photographs taken on quiet corners and intersections and in front of walls caked in ages of painted graffiti. It seems a fitting setting for this photograph of a girl dressed mainly in black and her entire outfit brightened up by a bright red heart bag by Vivienne Westwood strung low on her hip. The sideways glance from the gent she holds on to says it all really about those two. Their love is as apparent as the large red heart between them, physically.

I've fallen in love with the most ridiculously cliche shaped bag- but since Valentine's Day is a month away now and I can't deny I have it on my mind and I may actually get to spend it with my beau too. I had planned to take a trip shopping tomorrow to check the validity of my key card and staff discount as well as buy as many bags as I can humanly justify but now I sort of want to save myself for a red Vivienne Westwood heart bag. It would be the most obvious way to celebrate the couples holiday and I wouldn't mind using the bag during winter to brighten up an otherwise boring and black layered outfit as someone else before me has dared to do.

I would be more keen to get a black heart bag, but beggars can't be choosers and I suppose eBay will be my temporary hunting ground. I don't really mind whether the symbol on the bag is glittery or not but it would be the most spectacular bag to use for dress ups and looking ridiculous when walking around the city.

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  1. Hi! I don't suppose you've ever found the first bag? I've been looking for it for so long xo