Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vintage Sweethearts

After discovering that Solestruck shoes offer vintage treats as well as brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, the most fascinating line of Doc Martens and many others as well as a new muse in terms of vintage clothing online I'm in a bit of a fervent mood to see more of the wildly mismatched dresses and skirts. I'm no stranger myself to wearing sun dresses that end at the knee and recreating vintage styles of clothing as new and rockabilly style seems to be becoming increasingly popular. I must say I do like their thick chunky heels of the shoes with tights where appropriate and the pleats and folds of the skirts above. I suppose for a photographer to see a group of ladies, all friends walking together in such a style it would not be an opportunity to pass-up if you could sweetly ask them to line up for a camera lens.

There are vintage materials which I am fonder than others, such as crushed velvet and tapestry the epitome of vintage fabric; these two particularly seem to shamelessly flaunt and embody the vintage style no matter what shape of form they take. I'm fond of both when used for furniture but I also wouldn't turn down a good tapestry bag or a cute velvet skirt. With vintage pieces there can be such care and detail to hide the zippers and stitching compared to the mass-produced atrocities of today's society. And should the two pieces cos the same amount of money, I know how I'm banking on.

Some people hunt around second hand shops oping to find pristine pieces that have never been worn and don't have a history to them. I on the other hand enjoy the rich history, the wear and tare as well as the character of a piece such as these charming platform Mary Janes in black capped off with black embroidered stitching. While they are clearly showing signs of age with material faintly ripping and becoming thread-bare at the bottom the sheer purple socks with pink polka dots and frills adds a more modern touch to them and its eclectic rather than shabby chic.

If I'm not too careful I may even include a post on its own of tights when I collect a few more images to put together; and maybe when I'm more in the mood for it in the harsh Winter months. I only began to wear tights in my final year of high school when the chill was getting too much for me and I was past the age of wearing knee high socks- and when you get used to the clingy feeling of synthetic fabric trapping you, it's almost reassuring.

My favourite vintage throw-back pieces are the sharp and neat collars on thin and airy blouses, as well as soft and furry cardigans and thick knitted sweaters with love in every stitch. I'm probably some sort of hopeless romantic when it comes to the way I dress but I would like to think that I also have a bit of edge about my look especially when it comes to unique pieces and silver jewellery. I like the modern touches to the vintage ensemble of the iPhone in hand as well as the Miu Miu silk cat Mary Jane pumps; they go well with the geeky white socks and the short, black leather shorts.

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