Friday, January 13, 2012

Vintage Rock Clothing

It seems blasphemous to be thinking about wearing jersey shirts, denim jackets and leather while the 'Devil Wears Prada' is going on in the background behind me, but I do love the feeling of a cosy long sleeve shirt and have been meaning to get my hands on one of these baseball shirts with a white centre and a contrasting colour bordering. These vintage rock shirts featuring bands are the perfect solution to my lust and are great to wear when casually going out to the supermarket but can be worn with attitude, say, Dr Martens and cut off denim shorts? Maybe a wicked printed design, yesterday while waiting around for the bank to open I spotted some neat casual shorts featuring prints of American currency as well as cartoon cigarettes. Classy stuff.

I'm not so fond of the back embroidered motif of this denim jacket (Harley Davidson) so I'll show you the front instead and explain the clever use of styling to make the product for sale look even more enticing. There's a shirt featuring an American flag which enforces the eagle motif stitched just above the breast pockets, an iconic symbol of the nation and a cliche attachment for podiums in which stirring speeches are delivered. The modified denim shorts in a lighter blue and with lace trim are a nice touch which soften the overall look and smouldering stare from the model.

The last time I dared to wear an Iron Maiden shirt was during school and the shirt was my brother- while walking into classrooms to collect money for fundraising I impressed the students to years my senior and heard ripples of conversation around me. And sitting in the room was a boy who everyone at one point or another in the whole school thought was a foreign sex god and yeah it was a good feeling. So I suppose there's something about Eddy that people love, a character seen on all the Iron Maiden merchandise that people love so why shouldn't I give him another chance to be my wing man?

I thought it would be nice to combine the leather jackets in all their studded glory with the pristine and dead stock quality band shirts you see before you. I had to throw out the closest thing I have to a leather jacket due to mold so I'm in the market for a new one; or I'm excusing myself to gorge my eyeballs unceremoniously on the black studded leather. Despite being covered in a shroud of black, the sheer and pleated skirt of the dress thrown over something more tight fitting softens the look and the red hair and soft pink lipstick add just the right amount of colour to the photograph.

Sporting five different types of studs, neatly trimmer black leather as well asfolded epaulets and a long sleeveless look on the edges and that gorgeous golden eagle with a red eye... the pose seems much more befitting a Garuda from Indonesia and the bird on their coat of arms. This is the jacket that caught my attention, made me double take and have a good search around the website which was such a good idea and I'm glad I did. It's refreshing to see the use of a sheer bodysuit and heels with this jacket rather than a vintage rock shirt, which may be worn in real life but the shoot really emphasise the weight of the jacket and does it justice.

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