Sunday, January 22, 2012

Versace for H&M Bomber Jacket

At the moment I'm half-heartedly entertaining the idea of buying a Versace for H&M silk bomber jacket. What I really want is a cosy bomber jacket to keep out the cold as Autumn and Winter will approach for university and maybe something else to wear when I finish refereeing on a Friday night. I love the golden frame at the centre of this women's jacket and the tropical island tableau as seen above but the neon blue and green as well as leopard print is slightly intimidating.

The jacket has been worn by the likes of Nicki Minaj  and I would like to distance myself from that pop star as much as possible but at the same time I'd like to own a small piece of this momentous collaboration. It's difficult enough to get my hands on original vintage Versace from the 90s, so why not strike while the iron is still hot and there's plenty of jackets to be had? I love the combination of Abbey Lee Kershaw's platinum hair as well as the bright blues and greens of both the dress and jacket seen above but the leopard print in this fashion is just too bold for me- years ago at the age of fourteen I would have loved the Nu Wave style of this jacket but now I'm more of a romantic. I must have read too much Dorian Gray and John Keats in literature.

I'll probably end up getting a vintage silk jacket from Etsy which won't cost me hundreds of dollars- once I earn enough money that is and I also secure myself a pink Yves Saint Laurent ring which I have been practically dying to get my hands on.

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