Friday, January 20, 2012

The Untameable Abbey Lee Kershaw

I've been overtaken by a sort of fierceness today, I best the description is desire. Abbey Lee Kershaw is one of the hottest slices of model property at the moment and I'm proud to say that she came from the land down under. At the moment I need to meet new people and make new friends and I know that if I felt as beautiful as she looked than I would have no problems about letting my personality show. It's a bit of a fine balance really, and I wouldn't mind getting something pierced like my nose to put myself out there as a force to be reckoned with but I've already been cautioned against it this year.

I adore anyone putting themselves in the shoes of Max from the children's book 'Where the Wild things Are' and wearing a crown as well as a fluffy jumpsuit. It's a photo shoot I plan to tackle myself one of these days when I get the guts as well as a fluffy grey hood to pull over myself.

Abbey Lee's got a few piercings including several on her ear as well as her nose and nipple. It really works well to this effect when her fingers are covered in silver rings and there's a wild and rugged setting sitting behind her. She seems to take it all in her stride though and looks empowered by her wild environment. That's what I need to do really, be empowered by my new setting of university and be friendly and out-going.

When I had envisioned my Summer holidays and break in between high school and university I had thought of sunset soaked beaches as well as sand in my sheets and water leaving my hair with a dreamy curvaceous twist. I got a few things right but the photograph above could only be captured with fingers built for precision as well as the gorgeous Abbey Lee featuring in the photograph. I would never be game enough to wear such a swimsuit but I do like the use of gathered elastic intertwining across the stomach as well as the peach colour in the sunset light. From this angle you can see just how skinny this supermodel is and I would love to have that kind of body- unfortunately my stomach trumps my mind when it comes to wars over food and eating.

I hadn't quite anticipated the influence Abbey Lee Kershaw would have on my life when I first clapped eyes on her photograph in an edition of Vogue about two or three years ago- seeing her without a top as she is in the photograph above mildly inspired this spineless wonder to dream about getting her nipple pierced. The plan never came to fruition since I don't have anything except my first ear piercings done but it's always been a secret piercing I've wanted to have done ever since seeing the image. Just because it's in Vogue, doesn't necessarily mean it's classy, though the piercing was a simple bar bell with ball bearings in a silver colour.

Maybe a part of her appeal as a model comes from her shameless and often scantily clad body, although I will admit does make a girl feel jealous as well as  sorry for herself when staring at the pages of magazine covers and editorials all day and then dismally comparing her own body to something as gorgeous as Abbey Lee Kershaw. The side profile photographs of her stomach alone are enough to put a girl to shame, not to mention her gorgeous hair whether you were a fan of her long light brown locks or the new peroxide blond Abbey.

I love the background and setting for these black and white editorial photographs of Abbey; the contrast between light and shade creates spooky shapes and shadows on drift wood and sand and she knows how to channel the dark and mysterious look perfectly. I'm getting a little better at focusing my eyes and attention on a camera but it will take some minor miracle to focus my attention in such a beam-like manner. I never really had the ambition to become a model, knowing that I wasn't quite the required height, didn't have the looks and needed to lose weight so being photogenic was never a real concern of mine- although my mother was disappointed with a few bad school photos as so many mothers are. I'm practicing a little bit on occasion now for outfit posts and finally getting on track with my New Years Resolution blog-wise.

It's still Summer and only halfway through and I've already got Autumn and Winter on my mind- I can't wait to wear layers and rug up and carry a thermos around the campus with me. I'm eagerly awaiting more additions on an online website in terms of fur jackets but I think I'll settle for amazing vintage kimonos and wearing long sleeve shirts and tights under jeans. For the first time in my life I won't be restricted by a uniform but I'll probably get bored with picking out what to wear each day within two weeks. I was a little inspired to see a girl wearing Blackmilk leggings in cathedral stained glass window style with a top for red bull despite my gripes against caffeine energy drinks. I have great ideas sometimes but execute them often poorly.

There's a variety of facial expressions

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