Thursday, January 19, 2012

Twenty-Seven Names

Twenty-Seven names has been one of the more elusive brands to find cheaply on eBay but I'm always impressed when I see their campaigns for collections and can't wait until I can own a little slice of their brand. There's something so alluring about the New Zealand brands I find, they seem aimed at the younger set and I know of many impressive brands from across the Tasman Sea compared to my own country. Maybe I should relocate for a year and come back with an entirely New Zealand wardrobe- I do think that if I went on student exchange for university though it would be a disappointment to travel such a small distance to study. I'm thinking of going to Paris or maybe even New York...

Speaking of Paris how about a matching blazer with shallow collar and a shirt underneath? I do hope the shirt collar and bow tie are included with the shirt worn underneath- it seems very chic and Parisian and I know the perfect camera to wear with the ensemble. That camera is named the Parisian and is a Diana F+ clone that was limited edition and sold on Urban Outfitters but there don't seem to be any left. A real shame.

Although the pattern of dark green and navy tartan is itself nothing that special, the chameleon charms of the photo shoot is really growing on me as well as the structure and presentation of matching clothing in such a way. I'd love to get my hands on that trucker cap, it's rare that I see one in an attractive print and pattern but with the slight tilting of the models head, she may as well be wearing a crown with such ferocity in her eyes. The row of cute, neat and black little buttons down the middle seam of the coat as well as the Peter Pan collar is something I would love to get better acquainted with in person.

I love the pallet of colours used for this Twenty-Seven Names collection- all the photographs have been sourced from the Blogspot of the Paul Maloney Fashion Agency but I wanted to write in my own little foot notes as well. Mustard yellow isn't a colour that immediately grabs me but at the moment it is growing on me. The simple colour blocking effect of this outfit as well as the high neck, thin material and rectangular blocks down the middle makes for an interesting combination.

The strong 1960s influence is one if my favourite eras of notoriety at the moment- the crochet and structure of shift dresses and Peter Pan collars is enough to send me in a frenzy. In my searching for authentic pieces on eBay though there doesn't seem to be quite the same impact as the new generation of inspired clothing. That's fine- I know where to find this lovely Twenty-Seven names dress in horizontal stripes of all colours and that makes me plenty happy. I love the gather at the waist to create pleats at the skirt as well as long sleeves. It's not often you see a long-sleeved dress with crochet Peter Pan collar, although you could most certainly add in your own separate collar to a vintage looking dress.

Apart from the trucker caps I make a guess that the garment within my price region would be this diamondpatterned top with curiously sheer sleeves. The use of a different material for such a small detail of the blouse and in the same pattern is a bit of a puzzle but perhaps there's a matching slip in dark blue under the main body of the blouse. I can see this chic little top making it's way into my wardrobe very easily and worn with my Forever 21 skirt in a frenzy of patterns to clash and make a bold statement.

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