Monday, January 30, 2012

Those Hipsters are Mysterious

It's hard to really know when hipster culture became an accepted part of society because the last sort of big trend of my teenage youth was the emo phase with the bad black hair and straightened fringes- I'm so glad that hipsters are now the new trend since they're a bit more social and fashionable to put it nicely. Also, last time I checked hipsters had more admirable qualities than emos such as an appreciation for film photography even if they mainly stick to single focus lenses and disposable cameras. They also lead more of a social life to and throw some wicked sick parties, although, all my accounts are second hand because... I don't party that much.

While some people despise guys shaving part of their head and maybe accentuating the top half I think there's an admirable quality about it but they have to have the right face to pull it off. If my own boyfriend got a hipster haircut I would probably pull all the hairs out of a shag carpet because I like the way he looks now and it's natural. There's not a lot I can see about hipster haircuts for girls, other than there's dip dyeing which seems like such an old trend but it's sort of like the second coming of Nu Wave really.

I suppose another cultural difference between emos and hipsters is that hipsters are more in their late teens and even early twenties, moving out and into weird things such as interior decorating and owning tapestry pieces of furniture such as moulding armchairs and also buying carpets off of Urban Outfitters. There's nothing wrong with any of the in my opinion though, it's certainly a step up from bad facial piercings although hipsters do seem to favour nose piercings as well as tragus piercings too. Oh well, some things never change too much after all.

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