Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teenage Runaway

There are many means of running away from ones problems, my go-to method is to escape through fantasy by watching Doctor Who, reading books and also writing on this blog. There's also feeding my soul on things I can't buy but at times that one can get a bit overbearing and depressing. I can't really float on my back and close my eyes, although it would be poetic to enjoy a pool all to myself and pretend I'm being carried down an exotic river. There are however two things wrong with that scenario, A. is that I sink like a brick in water and can't float on my back all that well without expending a lot of energy and B. I don't own a private pool and the public pool is always full of noise and disruptions. Therefore meditation would be a pointless endeavour there.

For those of us blessed with coordination, style and natural swag we can skateboard away and travel to far off regions all by the use of a few little wheels attached to a board. How clever are we huh? Instead of a cosy knitted beanie though it may be a good idea if you're just starter out to wear a helmet and invest in a little safety gear though.

While I have never had mysterious and hard-to-decipher dreams in which I fly, I do sometimes look at the sky and imagine what it would be like to break the bounds of gravity and take flight. I imagine it would be very drafty and cold though at times and a lot of hard work if you didn't manage to read the air currents properly. It would be great though to take a holiday in the Winter and search for warmer weather just like migratory birds though, but maybe not too warm since I personally prefer the cold weather. But saying I'm leaving the Australian Summer for Winter somewhere else just seems a bit... odd though. It seems that normal people always love the Summer but I'm more about warm hoodies and drinking hot cups of cocoa. Plus nearly all of my pets died in the Summer so I have a mean and long grudge against it.

Never in all my life did I have the fantasy of running away to the circus although I do love the big lights and the clashing of red and yellow together. There's so much to photograph when a carnival/ show comes to town and in my neck of the woos it's only at one time of year. Maybe I could double my pleasure by going to the Easter show in Sydney this year and then waiting around for the Melbourne show in September when it comes around. These kinds of activities are always boring and lame when you're by yourself and I'm rather pleased to say that last year when I 'ran away' to the show for just one day I had a Diana F+ camera around my neck and a giant teddy bear my boyfriend won for me. It was a purple Care Bear and it's one of my favourite things he's given me.

If I were ever game enough to get a tattoo in a foreign city I would be attracted to this little date stamp shown here. In my opinion the best tattoos are the lest detailed ones and since I am wary of colour falling out just a simple black design would be good. A good place to put it may be the back of my neck put I can see pinning my hair up would therefore become a problem if I needed to keep it a secret.  Another positive attribute of this tattoo is that there's not a lot of needle work and it's a simple design that doesn't need to be filled in with shading or colour.

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