Sunday, January 22, 2012

Teenage Hipster Girls

This is going to sound utterly annoying and pathetic but the main reason I can't wait to start university is that they can only make me do easier mathematics, unlike the last three years of my life and I can probably make some friends with some hipster girls and we'll have hipster parties where we'll take photographs using plastic cameras which will make us hipsters. I really hope no one who recognises me from the information session or anyone doing my course sees that. Because everyone will avoid me and it will be a very lonely three or possibly even six years at university and I was sort of hoping I could be cool this time around.

We could take photographs of each other using film cameras, curl our hair using unorthodox methods by means of a straightening iron and tell each other secrets and talk about boys until midnight and share with each other our favourite Etsy stores and look at photographs of cats... I really have turned into quite the basket-case without the everyday interaction of peers from high school.

I've known everyone in my year level for about six years, never having changed school during high school so the prospects of meeting so many people all at once is making me giddy. I love my friends from high school dearly but I can't help but think how different we all are and that maybe, in a larger pool of people we wouldn't want to hang out with each other anymore. Tomorrow is the day of my enrollment for university so I am going to have to force myself to be social and make one new friend at least. I just have to pick out a cool looking person standing by themselves and ask their name and get the ball rolling.

While I am tempted, I don't think I'll bring along a medium format camera tomorrow- maybe if my university was located in the inner city and I had some stores to walk past and mill around for a bit then I would but there's nothing really near the campus except for a McDonald's. To be honest, I'm not that excited about that though since I'm trying to get on a health kick and loose my holiday weight.

This Summer I had also wanted to see more festival and music shows but I enjoy the pace and quiet around the house since I'm by myself most of the day and haven't quite reconnected myself with my musical roots. Money is also a problem since I'm more about owning pretty things than paying for the privilege of an experience. I really should have taken up my friends offer to see one of their gigs their organisation put together- it was at a pool and had a water slide and everything.

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