Monday, January 2, 2012

Teal Hair

My hair is reaching the length where it simply refuses to grow anymore and this heat wave in Melbourne makes me confined to my lounge room, only able to exercise in the mornings and at night as well as having to tie up my hair and have it warm the back of my neck unpleasantly. So I'll probably try to get a haircut booked in before I have my shift at work this Friday and before my date. I'm slowly losing my resistance to hair dye- it's the easiest way to instantly change your appearance and at the moment I just don't want to be me anymore. I hope this is just a hormonal mood.

I love the combination of teal and maroon and the white Nike tick just caps it all off nicely. The girl in this photograph reminds me of my little pipe dream I thought of last night in the shower, when I eventually pick a country to go on exchange for university study I should get a bull ring piercing on my first day and remove it while getting off the plane, that way I can have a cool secret piercing but when going on corporate job interviews or whatever I can just choose when I have the piercing in or not. The only flaw is that I've only ever had once piercing and the first time I got one I flinched so bad it was crooked...

I really do prefer blue eyes over all colours, her coloured hair against a plain white shirt makes her eyes stand out so much alongside her dyed do. Course wildly coloured hair looks the best with those of us blessed with a paler complexion. I really do curse my Asian genes sometimes; I'm stuck with short tiny eyelashes, not exactly tan but not pale skin and hair that won't take well to hair dye.

Since my hair is naturally dark brown, pretty much black, an upside of dyeing my hair a bright and opulent colour is that it doesn't matter if I'm wearing all black- I can just smile a lot and be open and friendly and I won't look threatening. However when a bad mood does catch me I can just be a grump and stare angrily out at the world from behind my brown eyes and get everyone to leave me alone. In both situations I'm the winner, as long as my parents don't murder me for being weird and turning into a punk/ hipster.

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