Friday, January 20, 2012

Tavi in the 1960s

I find it just a little bit sad that I've been eagerly awaiting the drought to be broken on Tavi Gevinson's blog, rather than the ecological and climate drought of my own country. It seems that without a proper education and learning as a part of my routine my brain has turned to mush but even if I was at my full intellectual capacity I would still adore Tavi's latest post found on Style Rookie which has a very 1960s appeal to it.

It was Tavi's love of 'The Virgin Suicides' and fascination with other religious symbols of Christianity that cause my to buy two plastic rosary necklaces while away at Philip Island- I seldom wear them unless I know that I won't be seeing anyone I know since they'll know I'm not really religious but they are sort of fun. There are a lot of plastic ones that are 'prison issued' in lots of bright colours- those are my favourite for the kitsch and vintage appeal. If I don't be careful I may just end up collecting rosaries in pastel colours since there are so many available online for a few dollars.

I was never truly inspired by vintage 60s period clothes when scouring on eBay but I am incredibly jealous of Tavi for buying this jacket from Etsy. The colour as well as the political slogans, shape and sizes of all the beasties as well as the swirling effects. I would literally kill to find something as cool as this and wear it everyday, however it seems that finding cheap and kitsch vintage clothing isn't as easy as plugging 'plastic rosary' into the eBay search engine. My faith in the online community for shopping has been restored once again (as if I had any doubts really) and I'm also itching to get myself to Restrostar to try and find some 60s pieces there. If only the sizes weren't to teeny tiny thanks to Twiggy's influence.
While I do indulge in thick and generous eyeliner with flicking tails at the end, I'm not sure who keen I am to try the beehive but you've got to hand it to Tavi- she goes where no other modern woman has gone before and uses the past as her greatest source of inspiration. She's really opened my eyes to the beauty of this period and while I have been in love with Peter Pan collars and shift dresses for quite some time now, the colours and prints never had such a great appeal. But that novelty jacket she bought really blew me away I'm scouring Etsy right now for any bits and pieces she may have left behind in her wake.

Two brilliant 1960s pieces in colourful abstract prints and patterns owned by the one girl? Life isn't fair at all it seems, but I am glad that both went to the lovely Tavi who isn't one to hoard away her treasures and vintage triumphs. She's more than happy to show them off to the readers of her blog the Style Rookie. Sadly she doesn't seem to post as often as she once used to and seems to be focusing her attentions and efforts on her new blog Rookie which has a more practical and feminist approach to it.

I really could have worn my plastic rosaries in purple and pink with my Wednesday Adams outfit and hair but at the time I didn't want to over complicate things. I bet there's some great plastic rosaries to be had on Etsy as well and I'm particularly looking forward to finding more, like mine, that glow in the dark.

As well as outfits and pictures of diaries from the 1960s there are extracts of movies from the period as well, and while I may have not been paying attention with the precision of a hawk I was intrigued by the dresses as well as make-up of the photos. Oh Tavi, you sure do know how to get a girl's attention using quirky extracts of people in animal costumes, impossible tree houses and girls in Peter Pan collar dresses with binoculars.

Since Kodak has now gone under and filed for bankruptcy, I'm feeling the negative impact of the computer age more than ever. I miss little cute hand written notes in soppy handwriting as instead of emails and instant messenger. I would love to do correspondence by long and slow letters and buy stamps to send them. I know books being printed on paper will continue for at least another decade but how long will it be before that too is replaced with kindles and iPads? I love being able to publish online but sometimes I can't help but feel that ache and longing for handwritten things and pleasures of a simpler time.

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