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Tata-Naka - Issue 2

While I do love a good flick through the pages of a magazine, my favourites being Vogue Australia and Russh today I have been busying myself with the Tata Naka online magazines instead of nosing through my own. I always feel a little wary about pinching the pages a little too tightly or even leaving sweat marks in Summer but with a new modern take on a publication it seems appropriate to have magazines made available online in this new and modern age of iPads, electronic tablets and computers. I love the whimsical nature of the rose petals falling gently as well as the long and tangling hair of the models wearing a sheer and chic beige material. It seems the shoes have gone better within their Summer/ Spring collection for 2012 with floral motifs on their shows and everyone's favourite pleated maxi skirts in a light weight material.

Tata Naka is the brain child between Georgian born identical twin sisters Natasha and Tamara Surguladze and their collaborative fashion label takes its name from their given childhood nicknames. The two graduated from Central St Martins in 2000 with a collection that launched their careers as reputable fashion designers with a shared identity.

Their newest resort collection for 2012 seems to be even more romantic than the 2011/2012 Autumn/ Winter collection which featured distinct 1950s inspired prints and colours as well as some smock dress structured dresses. This feminine and flirt appeal is clearly evident in their newest collection moving on from their plain white photo shoot and endorsing the use of numerous flowers as well as fake grass, rose petals and a stunning patterned feature wall in dark green.

The newest collection S/S12 took inspiration from the movement, colour, elaborate set design and choreography of Pina Bausch- a German performer of modern dance and ballet director. With movement and fluency of lines being a key motivator in the design of the dresses, Tata Naka designers and twin sisters Tamara and Natasha Surguladze used floral digital prints as a backdrop for the shoot before contrasting with hand painted interpretations of Pina's work, such as 'Talk to Her'.
From Issue 1, Taka Naka's last online magazine publication we were treated to artistic prints of 1950s inspired images, what well could have been movie posters or advertisements as well as romantic and swooning lovers. Within the S/S12 collection prints feature women dancing with linked arms, dance wear inspired shapes and a trio of dancers against a riot of pink carnations and an abstract of printed white dresses whirling in the dark.

If there's one thing that revs my engine it's an amazing pair of patterned pants and while I was initially drawn to jeans when this whole love affair began I've moved on to pleated pants. The slacks on the left teamed up with a plain white blouse would make a lovely and chic combination, something very appropriate to wear to say, the botanic gardens in your city or perhaps a dance recital. I love the contrast of pink on the knees with the mixing of blues and mustard yellow. The patterns from Tata Naka are always very intricate and full of detail, be assured that there is no detail and stone unturned in making the designs of their pants before digitally printing them for fabric.

Crossing more frontiers on what's the new classic piece and the modern, Tata Naka has jumped on the proverbial bandwagon creating pleated maxi skirts in dreamy pastel pinks as well as creating platform wedges and platform flats or 'flatforms' as they are sometimes known. I love the floral details on the t-bar straps of the pair of sheos on the right and the detail on the shoes in the middle. The shade of fuchsia shoes on the left go well with the make up and following the last online magazine in which the models were sporting pill box hats, they have been replaced with flowers sitting in the middle of the head this edition. I quite like the use of flowers instead of a hat, it seems more natural and romantic. I've always been a bit anti-race horse hats and the absurdity of it all but I do like the neat braid over the shoulder, bright lipstick and matching colourful flower. Tata Naka just seem to think of everything don't they?

Favourite pieces from this single stunning photograph include the asymmetrical cut on the skirt of the fuchsia pink dress on the far left as well as the pieces featuring the digitally printed rose and leaf motif cut symmetrically and visible on the far right and right. I really love the shoe designs as well, the thick and luxurious straps crossing one side of the foot to the other, the detail on straps as well as the colours. Check out the green and pink satin wedges on the second from the right- it seems fitting on a ballerina and I suppose this is when the inspiration from modern dance and ballet really shines through as well as the sheer skirts. The use of pink and green throughout the collection is a reflection of Pina Bausch's intricate set design.

The slip dresses from the resort collection feature asymmetrical lines, created by incorporating movement into the cut which results in a silhouette that dances across the body. I love the curls in the hair of the models as well as the tumbling petals and red luscious lips. While red may be the predominant and most eye-catching colour of this image, the tones of cream and brown are the perfect partners for it.

While tartans are usually reserved for meek school girls, I love the new and interesting cuts that they've chosen for their collection. I've never seen peplum frill skirt in a different material and pattern is new to me as well. I've absolutely fallen in love with the dress on the far left, I wish Tata Naka had an online store the sheer trail around the skirt is divine and I love the embroidered flowers on the pastel pink! The high scoop neck and sleeves of the dress don't make it showy and instead it's lovely and sweet. I have a soft spot for dresses that make me feel like a princess and this is definitely one of them. I have the perfect plastic rosary necklaces to wear with it since they're pale pink and purple too.

If you don't mind me saying so, that is one mean conga line of ladies with killer legs and wearing pink and nude coloured dresses. I particularly like this photograph because it gives a nice side view of the shoes and has a little more emphasise on them as well as the intricate trails around the dresses and asymmetrical shape. It's pulled off so well and with a lot of class unlike the cheap Chinese dresses manufactured by mass. The shoes and thick straps around the ankle remind me of the best of geisha sandals with silk and floral patterns as well as the striking black suede, which is then combined with dresses inspired by the fluency and freedom a dancer needs to perform. Very lightweight pieces which are suitable for Summer.
They certainly favoured this quartet of colours and models and even used four photographs of the same dresses and models with the different poses and props. I do love the different poses; standing, sitting and lying down and I suppose choosing between the four images would have been quite the task so why not include them all? It's interesting to see the two photographs below of the same position but from two very different camera angles and the effects it in turn achieves.
It must be the contrast of red petals on a black background as well as the delicate skin tone and light colour of the dresses worn by the girls flinging them that makes this photo so eye-catching. I wouldn't mind having a little patch of fake grass to call my own within my room- it must have been all the sorting of mugs I did while working in the Christmas season. I would sit down on the floor and take mugs out of their boxes and it was the closest thing I got to a break sometimes. So it's very christmassy and also brings back some good memories. It would look great underfoot for self-portrait photographs showing off outfits.

As well as digital printing, sheer and flowing asymmetrical trails around skirts and tartan patterns, sisters Tamara and Natasha of Tata Naka manage to bring something new and quirky to their collection, a Mexican style embroidered top with that looks like scalloping effect in blue stitching. That's what I admire about their fashion collections- it doesn't revolve around a single idea, motif or theme and incorporates a range of different techniques and styles to create exciting clothes.

For the more eccentric people within society here's something to feast your eyes on: a whole assortment of dresses and mish-mashed colours as well as patchwork skirts of different materials and digitally printed dresses. You can see the artistic flair the twin sisters of Tata Naka have but first creating their images in paint I assume and then digitally transferring them to fabric. There's elegant sleeveless dresses in a rainbow of colours, covered in etched out roses on the far right with a billowing and gathered skirt and kaftan styled dresses. I love the mixture of sea green and grey together on the dress second from the right, that's my favourite from this photograph.

Once again during a Tata Naka photo shoot there has been delectable pieces of food and drink floating around, although noticeably there was an absence of jelly about the place.I love seeing a stage hand from above dropping rose petals on two models just as cupid would and also the dramatic poses from one model in a champagne coloured dress and red lipstick. Those coloured drinks on the far right hand corner at the top are enough to make anyone thirsty.

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