Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This is my first outfit post so everyone please be kind! I really didn't bother with covering up the blemishes on my face properly but I like the shape of my eyebrows as well as the soft waves in my hair from an overnight braid. Yesterday my American Apparel blouse came in the mail and I was excited to show it to you and with a short summery skirt as well. I've had the skirt for about a year now, bought from America and I usually wear it with tights because its so short. I'd love to wear this on Friday to my university information session but it will be too hot for tights and I'll probably just find a different skirt or shorts to cope with the heat.

Wearing: American Apparel Short-Sleeve Blouse, Forever 21 Skirt and Vintage gingham scrunchie.

Fortunately for an XS/S blouse this fits me perfectly and I just love the shape of the Peter Pan collar and since I bought it in white I can easily wear any bottoms with it and necklaces as well. I'm looking forward to wearing this top as a staple part of my wardrobe. I always wear this necklace of an 'A' made in crystals- I got it over a year ago for Christmas from my boyfriend and I never take it off unless I'm going to work. It's sort of my good luck charm.

This is the best I can manage when usinga tripod and darting in front of the camera lens before it snaps the photograph. The outfit's plain and sweet, just like me. In retrospect I could have dressed it up by hanging one of my Diana F+ cameras from my neck but I like the messy bun, gingham scrunchy and my newest blouse. I've still got to figure out strategies as to how to show off the entire outfit properly as well as showing off shoes when I wear some actually. I don't know whether to enlist in the help of someone or try more with taking self-portraits. This would be so much easier if I had a sister who wouldn't mind if I twisted her arm into helping me...

I'm getting my ends trimmed this Sunday and maybe my layers redone as well but I am a little wary of the hairdresser, she's a family friend so I have to be polite and tell her I like her work even if I'm crying on the inside. It doesn't look like I'll be dip-dyeing my hair before my cut but it has been more than half a year since I last got my hair cut let alone trimmed. I like it long, means I can pull off some interesting photographs.

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