Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well after raining all morning the sun has finally shown it's sorry but and has decided to throw a little rays out way! Too bad I'm already feeling the pain from yesterday andgot a bit of a sunburn even when I reapplied sunscreen. Maybe having something to shade the sun from my eyes would have helped and something stylish and large enough to cover the top of my cheeks like these large sunglasses. I do like the contrast of black lenses with shite frames and the black and white editing of the photograph- it makes the design and colours all the more striking. The hard thing about making large sunglasses is having them not make you look ridiculous and shrunken down to size in comparison.

I wish I had the soft, golden, honey-brown locks to be able to wear these pink and reflective sunnies and make the entire look romantic but also a little dark and gritty underneath it. It must be the painted over wall with graffiti as well as the maroon mohair knitted jumper worn with the sunglasses and soft pink lips. It's one thing to have a natural look of seeming delicate and girly but your own personal style and clothing will influence how you're perceived as well. I'd like to be able to wear leather and studs a little more but with my naturally serious expression and black hair it makes me look a little too unapproachable so there is a fine balance between what I look like and the clothes I want sometimes.

Now there's a fun party/ photo shoot idea: using cut-outs from magazines and advertising packages to make fun eye masks while wearing formal wear. I never would have been able to afford any of those fancy Italian masquerade masks anyway so why not make your own? Although I will be exempt from wearing the slogan pictured on the laddie above, it may offend my significant other.

With the clever use of a plain white and printed t-shirt I know the identity of these lovely sunglasses. Thank you Sass and Bide eyewear for having the good sense to sneakily place their name into a photo shoot for their sunglasses. I quite like the transparent blue tinted frames in contrast with the black lenses, though it's the bright red lipstick with a bit of an orange tinge that really adds some colour to the shot. I'm usually drawn to the sort of squared off and angular frames, it's either that or they have to be perfectly circular. It must be my attachment to Ray Bans designs as well as quirky mesmerising circular orbs.

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