Friday, January 20, 2012

Strummer Espadrille Flats

To buy, or not to buy. That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the pains of an empty wallet or the slings and arrows or not having gorgeous shoes.
Violent Green another shop I follow on blogspot keep tempting me by posting 'Sale Item of the Day' and these shoes from Strummer named the Espadrille Flats now cost $49 down from $196. I'm contemplating buying them just for the saving but I wonder how often I would wear them. While I have been searching for a straw rimmed pair of boater shoes do I dare buy something in a bold print? If I wore horizontal black and white striped shirts in a Parisian manner then maybe I would be swayed to purchase the shoes but will I be happy with my purchase? It's difficult to say, I have bought shoes in the wrong sizes online and haven't been able to part with them so do I really want to put myself through the trauma again?

I do like the neat little shoelaces and eyelets of the shoes and the structure is sweet enough, yesterday I thought I really adored the print but in the morning after I am having my small doubts. With more shoes on the horizon coming in February in ballet form I think I should save my money for the time being and bide my time and wait to pounce.

They've been labelled as the perfect shoes for seeing sweaty Summer festivals and concerts and with the light canvas material I'm not surprised. For a hardcore festival such as Soundwave or No sleep Till you would have to wear something a lot thicker and dense to stop your feet from bleeding if daring to enter a mosh pit. Still, if you were to enjoy the sounds and sights of a festival while lounging around on grass then these shoes in canvas material would be ideal- from the side profile shown here they look a bit like Toms except the sole is outlined in straw and the shoelaces add a little more security to wearing these shoes and preventing them from sliding off. Which is helpful if you plan on dangling your feet from a jetty at the beach.

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