Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stolen Girlfriends Club Heavy Metal Bracelets

It's as charming as it is fitting that the name of New Zealand brand 'Stolen Girlfriends Club' range of jewellery be named Heavy Metal because if there's one thing all these silver bracelets have going for them, it's weight and gravity. Since you're paying between $350- $400 AUD you can rest assured that you are paying for solid pieces made of silver. I make no secret of my love for pyramid shaped studs and this edgy ID bracelet epitomises my love for heavy silver jewellery as well as punk aesthetic.

The pre-made charm bracelet includes motifs from many of their other pieces including a guitar plectrum, or pick as it is so often referred to, the Eiffel tower recreated in miniature, flat pressed skills as well as edges of what could be fangs. It removes all the hassle of having to choose your own charms when creating a charm bracelet and for your Parisians out there and French speakers the Eiffel tower has to be the selling point for this amazing piece.

I first saw this charm bracelet many years ago when pressing my ugly nose on the display glass at Melbourne Store Fat4 located in inner city GPO. It was when I was still an avid guitar player and VCE hadn't entirely crushed my dreams with the weight of a heavy study load as well as demanding and crazy science teachers and horrible and unendurable maths lessons. I loved the piece for it's thick and rectangular linked chain as well as thick and generously proportioned plectrum hosting the brand's name. I love the realistic size of the pick and the thick rock edge of the chain. It's my favourite bracelet from this brand.

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  1. These bracelets are very charming especially with a tattoo on wrist.. I just loved it.

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