Monday, January 30, 2012

Stella McCartney Lingerie

I spotted these classic looking knickers what feels like years ago on another blog and it only just popped back into my mind to share with my dear readers- on occasion I try and find a new boxed set of lingerie from Stella McCartney for myself but my hunt always ends up unsuccessful. I love the classic frilly bands and hem as well as the neatly stitched names of the days of the week as well as flower underneath and I'm sure there would be a few boys out there that would be excited by them too.

My classic policy of "I can get in in black, then I will" still stands to this very day and minute and given the choice between the two colours I opt for the darker shade. I do like the pure and clean white linen of the panties as well as the little stitched days of the week but when it's on black there's something a bit more demonic suggested. Besides, I wear a lot of black as it is so when the old pants need to be hoisted up, at least black panties meld in to the environment and are a little less apparent. Also, the stitched flowers on the black lingerie isn't as flat and seems to include more floral motifs then its white counterparts.

I would love to have the little set of drawers on my desk or vanity as well, it seems so vintage and kitsch to present underwear like that and I wouldn't mind a chic and indulgent change rather than just buying what's cheap and colourful at the shopping centre with my mother. I've seen a few variations on the design and stitching so far but I wonder what the back looks like and if there's any more flowers on the other side.

I've located only two listings on eBay and the prices don't look overly promising- for a full set of these silken bad boys you can expect to pay about one hundred dollars for the box as well as seven pairs of frilly lingerie, which works out to cost twenty dollars for each pair which includes the cost of postage as well. Maybe it's something I'll save for when ever I need to travel and keep track of all my delicates or when Adsense finally pays me for my blog space. That would be a nice treat for the money.

If I can buy a pair of these little lingerie pieces of gold with butterflies on them then that would be even better but for the moment I'll be concentrating on buying clothes I'll be allowed to wear when I go out and that other people can see and enjoy. It's an odd sensation being able to afford things I want now but having to exercise the digression not to buy them, I guess I must be becoming responsible or something.

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