Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stationery from Pigeonhole

My association with stationery store Typo has finally taken hold on me and I have the urge to buy some pretty paper, write things by hand again and abandon the computer age. I'm not sure whether it's guilt or me trying to see whether my staff discount is still applicable, but all the same before I meet with a picnic with friends tomorrow I'll head off bright and early tomorrow to buy some lovely book bags as well as a leather satchel if I can make my wallet stretch that far. I'm going to seek out some lovely and thin Exercise books in pretty colours as well to make some hash up scratch books and scrap together my favourite extracts from Vogue.

Another stationery supplier apart from my old store that's located online is something you may already know of; the store that seems to be the source of my paper envy is Pigeonhole Shop and I'm fairly certain I've mentioned before but haven't yet included some of their cute stationery and cards. All of the images have been taken from their website so if you like what you see, jump onto your mouse and get clicking through their website to find some more gorgeous goodies.

This cute little item is simply named 'The Folding Pocket', maybe I'm attracted to the contrast of mint green and dark brown reminding me of chocolate mint ice cream. I'm a little unsure whether the seam along the front which we can see from the photograph opens up and the dimensions of the piece but you could use it as a little pencil case and cram in the essentials. It could even house a very thin and wiry pair of anorexic sunglasses.

The item I'm most interested is the Travel Kit in Bon Voyage; my biggest gripe with this site is the minimal amount of photographs of their products as well as the confusing photographs of their products. It's all very well and good to throw in a few other things that are similar to the product you're selling but if the name of the product is ambiguous you can't really be too sure what you're buying. At $12.50. I'd be happy to shell out the dollars and have something neat to hold on to for when I next travel which should be 2013 to Band in Canada and the Rockies.

As an on-again-off-again hobby photographer I would never turn down a photo album, especially one with such a cute colour scheme and neat illustration. Scoping through the sales items of the online store Pigeonhole has got to be one of my favourite pastimes but I haven't yet ordered anything. I keep trying to save my pennies for something big and spectacular and also reminding myself that I potentially have a 50% discount to my name. As soon as that gives out or I see something that I'm clamouring to get my hands on I bet I'll cave in to these wicked desires.

Cute little illustrations like this are a sobering reminder that my own drawing skills, while looking promising when I was young has turned to shit in recent years. I guess something had to give when I wanted to become a vet over being a cartoonist so while I spent a lot of my time drawing as a child. That's sadly come to an end, but now I rather I now write as opposed to drawing and holding a pencil in my hand. While I do like focusing my attention on a few things at a time, I wish I was a little more of a jack-of-all-trades and hadn't let my artistic side whither and die in high school. For someone who did have a lot of angst and hatred aimed at the world and in every direction, my drawings and everything else sucks.

It seems everything chic and kitsch that I like is written in French, including these illustrative cards from Pigeonhole, some Rebound books which are recycled diaries and also books from Olympia Le-Tan! I clearly picked the wrong language to study during high school but it's still not too late for me because I may be able to take a TAFE or adult learning class- I'm sure there are also numerous phrase books for travellers and a book along the lines of 'French for Dummies' or something similar.

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