Monday, January 2, 2012

Sretsis: AW12 Oh, My Dear, Deer!

The Melbourne heat wave must be frying my brain- it's not even the middle of Summer yet and I just want to cosy up with some comfy jumpers and be able to go outside without sweet profusely. It's not all doom and gloom- today my 2012 diary arrived today and it's a recycled Little Golden Book, specifically Walt Disney's Bambi! So after roughly flicking through the contents of my new diary, I'm in a deer-loving mood- this tension is only heightened by looking at the Autumn/ Winter collection Sretsis has in store for us this year! After sussing out Wikifashion as well as Maimillia's Sretsis website I found the gorgeous range of clothing- I'm very excited about it all. I first heard about Sretsis after reading about jewellery label Matina Amanita, turns out the two designers are sisters and sometimes collaborate their two brands. I've been a fan of both labels for a while but this deer inspired collection has me particularly excited.

I love thepainterly impression given by this fawn on a jumper with a black background. This year I should have  my mind focused on study, bit I can't help feeling that I should catch up on part-time work to make up for lost years and intense focus towards my VCE. Someone very wise and a little cynical once told that the ATAR score doesn't count for anything, it just gets you into your course. Since I should be safe in getting what I want, I can have more time to earn money and buy lovely clothing! Right now, the Sretsis AW12 collection is available to pre-order and will arrive on your doorsteps in March. At $263 AUD, I wouldn't mind getting this artistic piece for myself.

The collection has a lot of deer themed clothing, from the spotted and speckled jeans to the fawn inspired patterned jackets, dresses and jumpsuits. From their professional photo shoot these two lucky and lovely ladies is my favourite snap- it's overloaded and oozing with deer inspired clothing. I love the casual mai length dress in a light and soft brown colour which features another of the painted fawns- it features a loose fit with sleeves and the hem allows you to float around gently. I'm not sure as to whether I'd be brave enough to tackle a full deer fur inspired dress, but the use of the blazer with thin brown pinstripes on white is a nice touch to tone it down.

The Sretsis Autumn Winter collection combines the best of imaginative prints, luxurious materials and chic, comfy clothing. The deer printed pants and blouse combination would be perfect to hang on to for costume parties when teamed up with a pair of antlers and a little tail- even teaming up the pants with a classic rock band sleeveless shirt, a good leather hang bag and a lot of attitude. As well as clothing Sretsis also dabbles in making gorgeous sunglasses with floral motifs and thick chunky boots. The black ones remind me a little of Jeffrey Campbell boots but the cork effect around the soles allow them to be worn with brown clothes.

Sretsis creator and lead designer Pim Sukhahuta graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York in 2003 already with a store, two fashion shows, and a covetable internship with Marc Jacobs to her name. Sretsis is a collaboration between Pim and her two sisters, Kly and Matina. In fact, the name Sretsis translates to sisters spelled backwards.

As well as deer inspired clothes, there's a few chich blouses and skirts which feature flowers made of tulle and the collars of their blouses are siply gorgeous. Despite having left high school and seeing the backside of lockers, pencilases and grumpy teachers I can't resist channeling school girl charm with sharp clean blouses such as the new range to be released in March as well as leather satchels. There's a lot of variety to choose from as always and I am definitely going to have some tough decisions ahead of me choosing between denim shorts with deer spots in white, gorgeous floaty dresses as well as artistic prints of  deer in singlets and skirts. Then there's the wooden heeled boots with deer fur patterned, I love them too their so gorgeous. Definitely some of the shoes I'll be pining for in the next season.

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