Monday, January 30, 2012

Spirit Hoods

Thanks to the lovely people at the Lenko Boutique in Melbourne's Cathedral Arcade, I was able to discover these furry little hooded creations which combine the best of beanies, mittens and scarves all together in unique Spirit Hoods. They've been around since 2009 and already have a small cult following of cute nerdy girls and furries alike as well as many eBay listings and home made look-a-likes riding on the back of their success. I personally love them for their imagination and unique ingenuity but during Summer there's not much of a great and desperate need for them.

There's a whole heap pf colour and fur pattern combinations and inspiration used to create Spirit Hoods, including Husky dogs, owls, tigers and bears to name a few. My best friend would absolutely adore the Spirit Hood shown above; it looks just like her dogs fur but maybe a little more puffier with more hints of tinged black at the end of the fur hairs. Even if you don't use the pockets to keep your hands warm, I bet you could hold train and bus tickets in there as well as spare change, lipstick and pens too.

My favourite of the Spirit Hoods collection? It has to be this lovely bear variation with rounded ears and dark brown fur which matches my own hair colour. I also like the contrasting red tartan pattern on the alternative side of the scarf and just visible on the inside of the ears. I used to have a teddy bear just like that when I was little so there's a little bit of nostalgia about this hood for me. Flannel is such a comfortable material so why not wear this amazing Spirit Hood with a vintage toggle coat in red tartan too? It would certainly make for a quirky outfit when worn about on the streets.

As I kid I thought tigers were the epitome of coolness and I know I would have favoured this hood over the brown bear hood but I like the rounded ears of the bear a little more- and besides, next year I'll be going to Canada and may as well try and fit in with the local fauna while being a bit on the ridiculous side. It would take someone with guts to really wear something like this with confidence, unless of course you're at a fancy dress costume party and you're trying to be on the conservative side.

Maybe it's just the contrast between realistic but faux fur and patterned material that I like; there's also this sweet wolf Spirit Hood featuring rainbow Navajo fabric on the underside and dusty brown tinted fur. You could probably wear something like this to a market; I know I have my eye on the Finders Keepers market on the 20th and lucky for me I've been saving a little money for such an occasion and this bi-annual market may even showcase some of these Spirit Hoods too! Then again, I think I've found the perfect solution to this animal lust...

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