Saturday, January 21, 2012


What better motivation to put some sparkle back in your life than to look at people prettier, see things done by people more creative than you and listen to the fell-good stylings of Art Vs Science play their hit song, 'Flippers'. At the moment I'm waiting by the phone and seeing when I get my hours for the basketball tournament this week and find out which venue I'll be dumped at. The good thing about this upcoming tournament is I can buy some more things I've had my eye on and I've been motivated to get on the exercise bike a lot more this past week in fear of being unable to keep up with the play up and down the court.

I've been meaning to hang up some bunting or letters across wires in my room but there's the minor details of I have no means of hanging up wires or string in the first place and my room isn't really set up to zigzag things overhead. All the cupboards that would be used to create such an effect are against the walls or my room and darting things overhead would be a bit of a bother, but on the plus side I would have somewhere to put all my old Christmas cards and birthday cards I can't bring myself to throw away.

I really don't go outside often enough to get some fresh air, especially at dusk when the mosquitoes are most likely to bite me. I'm already covered in bites and spend too much time scratching them when I'm trying to sleep so I don't want to increase my chances of meeting with the annoyances anymore than I already have. This time last year I was still in California on the tale end of my student exchange and twenty day holiday and I took some good sunset photographs over there, but nothing to this calibre. I've never quite seen such a variation in shades of the sky but there have been some spectacular pink and orange sunsets in my very own front yard.

Although the hypnotism/ healing crystals used as a pendulum aren't that expensive by themselves, it seems those wanting to use the pyramid shaped stones in the jewellery world have no conscience as far as charging whatever prices they like. Unearthen are charging $215 AUD for a small pendulum crystal as well as gold band ring and Clink jewellery charge just under $100 NZ for their necklaces. If you're a bit stint like me and want to save a little money, what you can do is buy your own chain and then buy a healing pendulum charm separately, mash the two together and hey presto you have a cool looking necklace! This tactic has been working for me since I was about ten and working pliers carefully so I see no reason it can't work for you.

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