Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Soap Dispensers from Urban Outfitters

For a little while there I was absolutely obsessed with home decor and interior decorating including shower caps from Urban Outfitters as well as soap and lotion dispensers in cool shapes. I'm not as obsessed with soap dispensers and dishes as I was before, but I do have a number of cat-shaped perfume bottles I've got on my watched list for an online store. The good thing about Urban Outfitters though is that they sell cheap things in their home wares department (depending on how big the item is) and they're new too! Not much can really go wrong with a soap dispenser, even if the tube gets plugged full of something you can always switch it with another dispenser.

My bathroom is a place I've been meaning to clean for a while, if it were pretty looking I would splash out and get a nice antique looking bathtub as well as a chandelier and fancy toothbrush holder. My love for romantic and vintage looking things must be bordering on the ridiculous side right about now but since it will be a while before I leave the nest as it were I'm sure this whole silly mood will pass by then. It also depends on where I move out to and who with before I put so much effort into creating my dream home, as it were. 

If I can't own a nice bathtub at the moment, maybe this bathtub shaped soap dish is the solution to my problem. If I could be bothered I'd make a small doll's house of what I'd love my dream home to look like but making sure everything was the same size and in proportion would be a pain in the butt, especially when buying things online. I'm rather content just collecting photographs and inspirational images inside my head for the time being.

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