Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Many Colours, So little Time

I've narrowed down my selection of colours for dip dyeing my hair and while I do prefer purple, it seems that pink may be just a little easier to pull off and use the wet excuse of 'the hair dye is fading'. This way my hair won't be a shocking shade of bright pink but I can also make the transition from a dark red colour to pink without too much suspicion from home. I'm not sure how the shade will turn out and how much control I would have over the effect- it has been a while since I've dyed my hair and while it may now be uncool to dip dye your hair it really hasn't stopped my yearning too much.

While I never did learn to perform the fishtail braid at all it's still a very cool look on this light purple hair and this is my dream shade and favourite colour within the world. I'm just not sure whether I love it so much that I'll dye part of my hair the same colour but it would be nice to have an interesting quirk about my appearance. I have no fun piercings and look as boring as a bread stick; I suppose my appearance matches my equally boring personality but I am determined to get my head out of the books this year and make things a little more interesting as well as mature. As a matter of fact, I'm cleaning my room to make space for my new, old chair I adopted.

This would be the shade my ends would become if I had any say in the matter of dyeing them but no matter what I try it always seems to backfire on me when it comes to changing my natural colour. I'm not sure how much I'm willing to risk in terms of my hair length and health in order to chase a seemingly stupid fad- you don't see the effect too much these days and when I first wanted to try it I saw a photograph about two or even three years ago. I'm probably too late to join the club but it's a nice thought all the same and I guess I just like to share some interesting hair images with you guys.

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