Sunday, January 15, 2012


Where there's smoke, there's fire and if I don't get a good university offer today on what may just well be one of the most important days of my life that will effect my future- well I may just set myself alight. Or maybe even set myself on the reckless path to becoming a smoker (but I highly doubt that). I'm a pyromaniac in waiting I know and that has nothing to do with my hormones acting up, I've pretty much twiddled down a scented candle and I would say I only have a few more hours, ten at most on it's very shallow body.

Another obsession of mine regarding smoke and fire are smoke flares and their plumes, I love seeing them expand and spread as well as the colours they come in. It must be linked with my obsession for dyed hair but at least this way I get to keep my long dark hair just the way it is. While at the beach my friends and I saw a flare be released from a small boat on the horizon and had the pleasure of calling emergency services to help them. They released an orange flare which supposedly means "we're OK but we might need help", tentatively putting their hand up for assistance kind of thing.

I'm not feeling as subconscious about my body as I once did being an awkward and dorky teenager but seeing this photograph does make me feel a little jealous that I hadn't been blessed with a full figure and a tiny waist. Smoking is normally not my forte but I do like the way one eye is hidden under curdling smoke, like gaseous evil and the other eye is barely open. You've got to love the way she subtly pushes her breasts together making them seem even fuller- though I bet for her it's not entirely necessary.

Smoke isn't all bad for you, although some health expert-like people will argue it can cause this cancer and that part of your body to weaken but at least you can enjoy the simple things in life like fireworks and not have to worry about inhalation of smoke. Chinese New Year is just a week away and I do hope I'll be getting some money from my mother to tide me over until I can work for a basketball referee tournament. That's my next big hit, and I really want to be able to save more than $500 in my bank account and splash out on something extravagant.

Even if smoke is bad for you, it sure can look picturesque after a long drag and when captured using a traditional film camera. None of the smokers I know would have this effect- their mainly the rougher boys from work.

We had meant to use our sparklers while away on schoolies but that never happened, instead we drank casually and play poker using chocolate coins. Mother hopes that I'll put the fancy shaped sparklers we still have at home to good use on Chinese New Year and maybe it would be fun to try it out for photography's sake and whirl around the garden with them. I used to love lighting up sparklers and feeling the flashing light come dangerously close to my hand right before it all fizzled out- but since I can use them without supervision they seem to have lost their appeal.

I'd love to try and figure out how to do this, from what I can understand it's manipulation of the chemicals used when processing film but I'm not sure whether it comes from 'keying' the picture and scratching the surface or lighting a match underneath the photograph to cause red and orange spots to leak out. For this photograph, the effect is perfectly placed and lightens up the otherwise muted tones and colours of the image.

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