Friday, January 20, 2012

Skull Candles

My mother forbids me from burning candles in my room, complaining that it's too messy but since I've removed all the paper litter and she works during the day I spend a lot of me time either on the computer with a scented candle burning a few metres away or cleaning my room with it burning. Two years ago or maybe even three I received a large green tea candle and had it displayed on my side of the bathroom vanity and then it mysteriously vanished- I fear that my mother threw it out on my behalf and without my permission. It's a shame really, I've almost burnt out the last of my candles and need some more but maybe I can get myself a large decorative candle in the shape of a skull on my next trip out to the shops.

Since I don't want to frighten the few guests I do welcome into my house, perhaps I should get a skull candle in a bright and bold colour with a wicked and mad grin on his bony face? Online store Pretty Dog based in Australia sell the large pink skull and small black set of skulls for $70 Australian and $58 respectively. They also sold the fluorescent yellow skull as well as an impressive wax candle bust of a Victorian woman but those both seem to have sold out. What a shame.

Although I do like the dramatic effect of a large skull in a wild and bright colour, for my needs smaller skulls may be just what the doctor ordered. I have a small dish to burn candles on and collect oozing wax effectively but it may not be practical when burning a large and ornamental candle, if you are indeed meant to burn them at all. Collecting dripping wax underneath a beautifully carved candle by using newspaper doesn't seem fitting at all and would diminish the beauty of the object.

Normally I prefer my skull candles to be plain and as close to the design and contours of a real human skull, but I do like the coiling of the snake around this wax skull in black. It reminds me a lot of the designs for Meadowlark jewellery which is a New Zealand based label, so the combination of deep set empty eye sockets as well as temples and a black snake with shimmering skulls seems very fitting. It would look good on top of a small coffee table with a doily underneath, for ironic and dramatic effect.

I can only imagine the sort of havoc I would try to reap on the world with a skull candle in my possession. For starters I would probably also try and find a large Victorian looking collar and dress up as either William Shakespeare with a tiny mustache and a single hoop earring, clasping it in my hand with the other placed firmly on my heart. Then I would make a large speech bubble out of cardboard and write 'Alas Poor Yorick, I knew him well.' I have been studying Shakespeare firmly since Year 10 and received an A on my essay about Hamlet so I think I have earned the right to mock him just a little bit. Of course I would have to do it kindly and tastefully as well.

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