Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shirt Gowns from Black Box Boutique

After having explored a few different online stores for my favourite brands I must be reverting back to a simpler time without lycra, wild galaxy prints and structure. It's back to the basics with me, I've been lusting over many oversized dresses, full length featuring draped hems as well as a full length button up shirt structure. I always feel safe and better about myself when my clothes are a little too big- it gives the impression that I'm a smaller size then I actually am.

This cheer shirt gown is perfect layering piece for the summer. Worn with a slip underneath buttoned up, or undone as a long layering piece.

Sometimes tight fitting clothes also can be a little uncomfortable since their confining and restraining. There wouldn't be any problems with these lovely dresses though, first we have the Shirt Gown by Kirrily Johnston. Strangely of all the black shirt dresses featured, they're all from different labels. I guess great minds think alike then huh? I like the little gathering effect at the back, it's still a very minor detail and doesn't over complicate the design but it's a nice touch all the same. I like the feeling of long and light weight skirts floating around my legs and holding them above my ankles as I walk around.  The use of black boots with this black and sheer dress is something I'd like to try myself, dressing it up with silver and brass jewellery or some lovely rose gold. This sleeveless dress really gives you room to move and would be great for Summer with a camisole underneath and some medium tight shorts. Like the disco shorts from American Apparel in black.

For more of a dressed up and mature look maybe sheer sleeves and a collar would be suitable? Because of the addition of loose hanging sleeves that drape nicely around the arms, as well as a collar and darts at the hem this dress looks more like a sack but has more of a sheer touch to the material and there's an openness about it. Reminds me less of Scrooge from a Christmas Carol and more of a modern witch trying to blend in with today's society. All these lovely dresses would go great with silver jewellery to really channel the dark magic vibes.

Lonely Hearts Dress- Sleeveless shirt dress with full length buttoning. Draped sleeves and sheer with a curved hem.

I like the little darts at the side of the hem on a hot Summer's day there's nothing more necessary then getting good air flow through your clothing and keeping cool. Despite the fabric being black and the colour most likely to heat up in the sun, I'm not at all deterred. My mother has pointed out that I'm a little like her best friend, if I can get it in black then I will. It's just easier to wear that way and there's less to worry about when matching it with bags and other things.

Just to mix things up and surprise you I've also thrown in another dress into the mix, all dresses available online from Black Box Boutique  and ranging between $350-$400 as a rough guide. Taking a break from all the loosely structured dresses in black I thought it would be a welcome change to introduce you all to this lovely lilac bustier dress by TR Ensemble. At the top of the dress is a fitted bodice at the top of the skirt- I sort of like the gathered and individual cups of the bustier. While it does add and focus attention on that area, if you don't have an ample chest, such as myself, it would look dainty as well as like a sweet imitation ballerina. While the structure is more suited towards a more formal occasion, the material and colour are very much suited towards the day. You could easily dress it up using a black velvet blazer though, or even better, lilac velvet blazer.

Just did a little eBay search for velvet jackets, found a beauty from Marc Jacobs 2002 collection in my size and I can afford it but I really do need to save my money for a rainy day and something more affordable. It would look so cute with that dress and those shoes but I have no where to wear it so it will just have to pass for now. I like the irregular hem cut of the dress, probably due to the gathering at the waist. I love that style of dress which includes a high waisted skirt and fitted bustier at the top and the fact that lilac is my favourite colour too only sweetens the deal. I have a great care bears backpack I could team up with it.

The dress that attracted me to the style was the buffalo shirt dress by TR Ensemble- the deep breast pockets as well as loose hanging sleeves look so casual, while it may not be suitable for working heavy machinery it would be a great shirt dress to wear for Sunday brunch with a friend. I like the touch of stunning black wedges for height and to make the hem of the skirt float even more so. There's a slight dip in the hem at the sides leaving you free to move around as well.

It's always a nerve-wracking feeling when wearing clothes that don't fit properly, I hate having to be weary of what my pants are doing even when I'm sitting down and while the long trailing hem may be in danger of getting dirty, if you've mastered wearing gorgeous heels or wedges why not dress up this simple look a bit and float around gracefully? I'd love to see the wind whip around this skirt while in wedges, it'd make you look like a grim spectre lording over the living.

TR Ensemble don't play favourites as far as colours are concerned- they've also made their shirt dress come in white for those of us who are drawn to pristine hospitals as well as a world of clean, pure white linen. Not me though, I'm much to fixated on looking like a witch and wearing my long dark hair out while feeling cool in a long black dress. I'm not too worried about the sheer factor having dealt with it before and being used to wearing camisoles, usually in black. That's why a black dress is more suited for someone of my taste, I had a white sheer dress I wouldn't have a choice between nude or black camisoles and I'm much more comfortable in black. As my space head, hippy of a Literature would probably diagnose, black is my 'power colour'.

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