Friday, January 6, 2012

Shirt Collars

While I'm a little more used to collars looking cute against blouses and vintage shirts I do like the way the blue of this Lacoste shirt, as well as the shade of blue used for the wall and the bubbles decorating this photograph. The contrast of dark brown hair and flatly arched brows as well as an unsure darting of the eyes makes this image look more unique. I wish my arms were as skinny as hers, I really should hit the exercise bike as well as use the dumbbells a little more often to prevent my arms from getting flabby arms in old age.

The original trend setter as far as the school girl charm and vintage collar movement is the spooky Wednesday Adams. I love the use of red nail polish on small and neatly trimmed nails, the speckled pattern all over her dress as well as the puffed shoulders and contrast of a white collar over a black dress.

Another good way to update a collared shirt is to mix and match the predominant colour with the colour of the button seam as well as the colour and cut off sleeves. I love the combination of pure white and the clean crisp blue with the seemingly creepy tooth necklace and gold strung just belong the collar. I can only hope that those aren't real teeth and that they are just very small white stones. It would be great to get my hands on some lovely coloured shirts which mix and match colours but the best I can think of is to search for vintage pieces online which use bright and wonderful patterns and still have a lot of life left in them.

I love the clashing of the yellow and pointed colours of the blouse underneath with a full set of pouting lips covered in grape coloured lipstick. I'm not so keen to wear the shade myself- it's a bit too similar to the colours my mother wears herself.

Despite the use of a chunky and plastic white cross, this photograph gives off such a darkness, it must be the little beaded necklace reminding me of rosaries as well as the Peter Pan collar in white against the main body colour of the dress in black. To top it all off theirs the hand written message of 'I am a Horror' and what appears to be a Opening Ceremony X Chloe Sevigny buckle shoe in the middle of the dress written in fabric paint which looks more like frosted icing for a cupcake. I love the clashing of black and white and the overall home made look of the outfit, very cute and quirky.

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