Monday, January 30, 2012

A Romantic Look at Hipster Photography

The last two days have been the most trialing physically in my life, in thirty degree Celsius heat I have officiated twelve games of basketball and am now staggering around cheerfully in my house and it's still really hot. I was so preoccupied I forgot entirely about my scholastic endeavours for this year as well as cool clubs to join and activities. I have all the dates written down ion my diary, the problem is I now have two diaries; one personal and one for university.

I'm just looking forward to meeting new people with different interests and stuff and going to people's houses with weird paraphernalia and appreciating new experiences and life. I've reached this weird purgatorial state of my life where nothing seems to be happening- it's all stagnant and mundane and I'm just waiting for certain dates to finally get to do stuff and meet people. For once in my life, I don't think I'll be nervous when making small talk and chatting people up politely, which is a little exciting for me.

It seems that all the promises of Summer have already come and gone, it's the notorious season for pool parties, going to the beach as well as music festivals and I haven't really participated in any of those activities so I'm hanging out for Autumn and university to begin as well as new clubs to join and picking up my game as far as part time work goes. The sad thing is I'm becoming a lot more concerned about money then I used to be and I'm also worried about what's going to happen as far as my relationships with friends from high school will go. I guess only time will tell and I have to let things take their natural course and go along for the ride.

One thing Summer brought me was lazy days of typing away on the computer with scented candles lit with matches- I've become a reasonable match striker and can do it almost quietly now, depending on the brand of the matches. I can't say I have seen blue match heads but I am intrigued, and the cartoon cat on the side of the box only sweetens the deal.

University feels like one of my last chances to move up in the social scheme of the world ranking- I wish I was one of those girls that got invited to parties and got to photograph everything through an old SLR camera. That could maybe make me feel happy or a little more secure about my relationships with people. They just seem to dissolve after a few years and I feel a little scared about what happens and why I can't hold on to ties properly.

Before I throw myself into this strange world of tertiary education, I have a small mediocre checklist in my head which includes reading more books as well as buying some basic clothes such as a toggle coat, denim shirt and maybe a few more Peter Pan collar shirts as well as getting my haircut and reading more books. Attending orientation week would also be a good start and making sure I am familiar with the new resources of my campus are probably going to help as well.

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