Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rock Out

It sounds cliche and overrated to want to dramatically alter your life and improve yourself at the start of the new year; you wouldn't change what you do month to month and the only thing that has really changed is the year not your life. But I still want to continue to improve myself and become a better person that what I was last year, while the sentiment is cheesy setting goals and executing them properly can help you to change. I realised that many people don't set smaller goals for themselves when writing out their New Year's Resolutions, they're usually wide sweeping statements such as "I'll lose weight" or "I'll be healthier". This is probably why the resolution is broken within a week. In fact my new 2012 diary has a page at the front in a neat little table with information such as New Year's Resolution and beside it: date broken. I don't want that to be me, my goals for 2012 are wide and varied and all very big and difficult but I know how I can achieve the first few.

While this post is a personal reflection of what I want the year to be it's full of beautiful people who have a rock edge to them because that's something I'm trying to aspire towards this year. With university just on the horizon doors will open and I'll get to meet a whole bunch of new and exciting people- I want to become a part of the social scene and really put myself out there. I will not be picked on; my transition from primary school to secondary school was the cornerstone and beginning of two years of depression for me. While I will not spend nearly as much time at university as the nine to three grind of secondary school rituals, it would be nice to get out there and meet more people. People with interests similar to my own, the book worms, the photographers and the lonely bloggers.

I'm unlikely to change anything radically with my hair so I will be avoiding shaving one side as well as wild colours, unless I finally get the guts to proclaim my hipster status to the world and dip dye my hair. I have an assortment of colours on my eBay watch list in shades of pink, red and purple waiting to be bought but I still have a phobia of peroxide. Besides, a cut and having my layers done again may be in order before anything radical is tried out in my bathroom. There's a lovely saloon next to my temporary place of work, I should schedule myself in for a trim before I start one last shift. Pretty cut, it doesn't look like they'll be keeping me on permanently so I applied for a bunch of places yesterday and also the local paper and flyer drop. I am very desperate at this stage.

There is no possible way for someone like me to become as beautiful as the model sitting here with wild pink coloured eyebrows, staggeringly beautiful dyed grey hair and perfectly executed eye liner to die for. Maybe I will never be able to make a career out of being a beautiful person but I'd certainly like to try my hand and make Secret Hipster into what it was supposed to be- a collection of day to day outfits posted by myself. Instead it's been covering brands and other people's work but instead of following the trends I'm keen to make them. That will involved cleaning my room, moving a desk and a bookcase as well as several square metres of dead teen magazines and dust to free up a plain white wall. I'm also tempted to get a rug in from Urban Outfitters to update my digs and include in the photographs. I have a reasonable camera and a tripod waiting the rest of my plan to fall into place.

I'm ashamed to say I have seventy sheets of Polaroid film waiting to be used, a Polaroid Mini Portrait camera waiting to be figured out and nothing to photograph. I need to meet people willing to pose in front of my lens- maybe I'll get up to some crazy shenanigans at university. While I will be in the boring Science faculty I'm sure there will be lots of Arts students floating about the place which I can innocently bump into and strike up a conversation with.

Coordinating outfits or becoming more eclectic and miss matching things more. It's one or the other- I'm sick of being stuck in this purgatorial half world where I am average in the way I dress and plain old boring. It's time to put my best foot forward and show everyone what I'm really like on the inside by dressing well on the outside.

I definitely will be investing more time as well as money in buying my favourite albums from great artists. I really must stop surviving on cheap free podcasts that while are great and touching do not properly showcase all the songs within a bands arsenal. My hit list includes The Grates, Kaiser Chiefs, Phoenix, Death Cab for Cutie and probably many others if I were to stroll down the aisles of Jb Hi-Fi with vouchers in hand. I just want to listen to interesting and new music again and properly rock out and feel in touch with the present- listening to stuff that's years old isn't helping my conversational skills.

I want to play more at night time and breach my comfort zone- I don't care if it is rather small at the moment and even saying hello to the delivery man is uncomfortable, something has got to give.

Last goal is to perfect my blogging style and finally mix in some of my own photography and outfits with brands I love- maybe wear a little more make-up day to day and mix up vintage pieces with new clothes. Go to markets more and find amazing clothing for cheap or raid second hand shops. Get a proper part-time job or pick up two more shifts of basketball refereeing. I have my work cut out for me but I want to rise to the challenge this year. Then smash each challenge into the ground and dance on its grave. Have a nice day everyone.

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