Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resin Rose Jewellery by This is Make Believe

The label This is Make Believe specialise in making resin roses for necklaces as well as large eye-catching brooches; I have an inkling that they are a New Zealand brand. During the repair efforts of many after the Auckland Earthquakes in 2010, I spotted some aid in the form of a charity auction of New Zealand jewellery as well as festival and ticket concerts and even dates with celebrities. One such brand was little known Make Believe which donated more than one necklace to the cause including the now Sold Out pink rose necklace that I was itching to get my hands on. It's difficult to be able to trace their origins for sure- while they do have a website so to speak there's not a lot going on that's helpful in tracking down some of their pieces.

I love the arrangement of three large roses coated in black resin as well as the small dangling gold chain underneath- it's the perfect statement piece to dress up a plain sweatshirt such as the one shown above and with the light complexion and mousey brown hair of the model this brooch stands out even more. It's the only brooch within their current selection and while I do hope to see more pieces made by Make Believe, without a website or more pieces coming the odds don't look so good. Even then, I may not be so keen as to buy their pieces, theirs quite a weighty price tag attached for the cost of this brooch being $205 AUD and the necklaces ranging from $312-$342 AUD.

The smaller, more petite rose arrangement necklace dipped in feminine candy pink strung on a double sterling silver chain for added security as well as glamor. I love the folded effect of the petals as well as the resin coating giving them a dripped in wet-paint look. It would look amazing underneath a plain blouse and add feminine flair to any outfit as well as whimsy and playfulness.

Make Believe mixes a touch of sweet romance with the hard core rock of Guns and Roses!! This large necklace is a phenomenal piece made of resin dipped fabric flowers in beautiful high gloss colours. All on blingin' gold plated chain!

Chain Length 23.5cm.

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