Monday, January 30, 2012

Red Lips, Black Jumper

I don't feel up to being a show pony in front of the camera and tripod today so I decided to showcase a few old photographs from me goofing around with red lipstick. It's good to see these photographs though because it shows how long my hair has gotten now, it's got a good four inches on it compared to the length shown here. I really wish I hadn't lost that tube of red lipstick, although I have others none of them have that coral sort of quality about them but I don't wear lipstick that often anyway so, no harm done really.

If I had the motivation and a second job to work I'd love to collect a few more vintage collared shirts such as the one pictured above but the world doesn't quite work that way and I have to make do with what I have available in my wardrobe. A few more eBay auctions down the track and once I rid myself of some more junk and pick up some cash then I'll probably raid Etsy of cool vintage stuff but until then I should just stick to wearing all the clothes I already have.

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