Saturday, January 7, 2012

Popsie Skull Jewellery

Because I'm in a bit of a grim mood why don't I share with you some lovely happy skulls from Popsie available on the Storm online store? While all the lovely tassled red skull necklaces have already all sold out in their limited numbers you can still grab wither the earrings or the bracelet shown below. There's a less intense cracking effect on the paint of the skulls from Popsie compared to the Chains of Love skull jewellery but there is less dangling and less sulls hanging around the neckline so instead of a collared and modern flapper girl look you have a draped tassled skull necklace.

If I hadn't already been so undisciplined in my shopping habits this past week and splurged out on a brooch as well as American Apparel collared shirt on eBay I might be game to get myself a pair of black leather shorts from Storm as well as this beaded skull bracelet to match but I have got to make sure I don't squander my money- that is until I can referee in the Australia Day basketball tournament which is a fair few days away. It is in my price range at the moment but I have to be sure I pace myself properly and just hope that the numbers of these lovely skull pieces hold out. There are always other alternatives seeing as these beaded skulls seem to be popping up everywhere under a few different brand names, Popsie, Chains of Love and a collaboration of Opening Ceremony being just a few names that I know of.

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