Saturday, January 21, 2012

Penny Skateboards

While picnicking in the park with my friends, we saw many parents with young children playing on the playground as well as travelling near and far on bicycles and even one little boy had a small plastic skateboard. I couldn't help but have my interested peaked again and later went home to discover Penny Skateboards. One e-retailer was selling a board for roughly $150, butafter enough sleuthing I found an even cheaper alternative. Kick Push Skate sell some Penny boards for less than $50 US and have some incredibly wild and wonderful designs.

For one reason or another, my best friend Christened another of my good friends with the nickname 'Penny' since her last name is Nicholls and since my best friend can be quite hard-headed sometimes she persisted with the nickname in measures that might be accurately described as 'extreme'. Including changing her name on the roll for out Literature class and all of us girls were delighted to hear our monotonous English teacher call her Penelope one lesson. So from my personal experiences, Penny does make a good friend and peer but how does she handle when being ridden on footpaths and roads?

I've had an on-off relationship with skateboards and once even attempted to skate to my father's workplace on a board of terrible showbag quality. Apparently, the smaller a board is, the harder it is to ride and many people these days favour longboards but just how much would I have to pay for something like that? The campus of my university is simply huge and I don't really want to risk being late or getting lost to any of my tutorials or lectures so maybe, by some minor miracle I can gain enough coordination to handle a board and travel around the campus that way?

Penny skateboards come in a range of colour combinations including my favourite, purple and while I do hope that I can actually master skateboarding at some stage in my life they would also make a neat decoration in someone's room being made of all plastic. They could certainly keep my all-plastic cameras such as the Holga and the Diana company too. If you're not willing to shell out $150 on a Penny skateboard, there is also another brand called Fish who deliver the same time of plastic and streamline thin board in plastic colours.

At the age of about eleven or so I really did want to learn how to skateboard and travel by wheels but from my experiences snowboarding I can only imagine a skateboard being more perilous and I also fell down quite a lot when I was snowboarding. It's been years since I've fallen over and been a scabby mess and since I'm a girl too I have to watch out for my pretty face as well as my teeth. As great as owning one of these boards would be, there are some dangers to riding them.


  1. HIIII! did you get to ride one? I just bought mine for my birthday and it arrived two days ago. I absolutely LOVE my penny board, but i have never used a skateboard before.

  2. If you're not willing to shell out $150 on a Penny skateboard, there is also another brand called Fish who deliver the same time of plastic and ...