Saturday, January 14, 2012

Olympia Le-Tan: Victoire

The largest of Olympia Le-Tan's range of bags and clutches is what has been dubbed as the Victorie satchels which feature the cloth canvas base of the 'book cover' as well as stitched words in embroidery thread and felt details such as the cloud, sea waves and flag of the bag you see above. I love the colour of the tan leather used, as well as the gold tone of the brass hook attaching the strap to the bag. While the middle strap may interfere with the overall design and what has made Olympia Le-Tan's clutches iconic, I think it may be detachable.

Colour: Sky blue
Embroidered canvas and leather bag with removable shoulder strap and Liberty print lining
LENGTH: 29 cm HEIGHT: 20 cm WIDTH: 6.5 cm

As much as I do love the French writing on the first bag and the contrast of sky blue and pink used in the design, I feel that the dark blue bag is a little more swish and versatile especially for a student endeavoring to study at one of the top universities in the country. Maybe it's just the subtle use of black for the scripted ribbon banners on this bag that's drawn me in and the shading of the tilted wire frame of the globe. Whatever the reason is, I like how both designs have this image of the world and get you thinking about travel. It would be a great little bag to bring with you while exploring unknown countries and pleasures.

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