Monday, January 30, 2012

Olympia Le-Tan Pre-Fall 2012

While I know I should be really saving my pennies for things such as concert tickets, memberships of clubs as well as the university gym I really want to get my hands on a book clutch with Olympia Le-Tan. She's currently releasing tidbits as well as teaser photographs of her new pieces for the Pre-Fall 2012 collection and has even mentioned that a few clothes will be released as well, though nothing in the way of a runway collection. It must be her work with Chanel at the tender age of nineteen finally sinking in. To think, at that age I'll be studying rocks and evolution and she'll have been working for Chanel and France. It's enough to make an aspiring youth weep with a mixture of conflicting joy and jealousy.

There's a lot more pink covers as well as floral motifs and delicately stitched titles than her previous book clutches so I'm clamouring to get in touch with my inner princess and make one of these coveted treasures mine. While it may not be the most inexpensive of pieces I love the quirk and combination of good literature and books, finally married together. As well as classic cult hits there's a lot more classic French titles with exotic sounding names for this new collection too- sounds like a cultural experience for my eyes and ears alike.

This new Pre-Fall collection for 2012 promises more of meticulous detail including the shading and thin lines of this red curtain and the rich embroidered stitching on the titles. Although this design shown above is very basic and minimalist when drawn, there's so much more detail to consider when bringing the creation to life using arts and crafts as well as making the piece look beautiful inside and out using French seams. On a book clutch produced by Olympia Le-Tan, you will never find a messy seam of rough end of thread anywhere unless you are so foolish you feel compelled to take the damn thing apart. 

My favourite of all the little sneak previews is this hot pink beauty- shown on a shelf of penguin classic books both old and new and what looks to be a black and white photograph of Andy Warhol or his look-a-like on a row boat. Something about the French script as well as the renaissance image of a man dressed in pink as well as striped pants and pointy hat courting a fair dame seems to right. There's a wonderful array of patterns created by stitching and contrasting black and pink felt and I vow I will own one of these one day- mark my words. 

Another favourite in the collection is this comical looking figure in similarly flavoured renaissance clothes complete with a feather plume hat on a bright red background. It's not often you see primary colours used in felt and the title of a French book all mashed together by the mind and hands of a creative genius, so enjoy it while you can.

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