Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Olympia Le-Tan at Net-A-Porter

While I was innocently and happily scrolling through my dashboard on Tumblr it hit me. I had followed Olympia Le-Tan's Tumblr in the hope that I would get some juicy news as to who stocks her books and where for the best prices online and she posted a teasing photograph of four new book cover clutches all sold out. When I went to the Net-a-Porter website I had a look where they had been listed; since the books are usually sold in numbers less than ten (it seems a copy of each in this instance) that even when listed as new products all of the books had sold out in minutes. Harrumph.
The detail and close up pictures of the book covers recreated in embroidered stitching as well as felt was even more teasing and rubbing my face in defeat. I'm utterly obsessed and made about the chic little clutches and am searching high and low to find them and found a few good websites and online stores last night as well, I may be even to afford something made by Olympia Le-Tan! While I was a little sore about the loss, it means I've saved myself a few hundred dollars and since I've never read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' I can't really be too annoyed. I just get excited whenever I see more books by Olympia Le-Tan and with help from her sister Cleo released somewhere in an online store.

The inner lining of the clutches is as wonderful as ever, and the gold edges which replace pages makes the range of minaudière seem even more wonderful and classy. Despite the amount of stitched detail on the front as well as the lining on the inside, French seams prevent us from seeing any untidy ends and the book is beautiful on the inside and out.

I'm usually the sort of girl who's attracted to satchels and larger bags that are more for day use but with the bookish charms of literature combined with chic fashion how can I possibly resist? I really want to start my own little library full of books from Olympia Le-Tan but another thing on my mind is buying a YSL arty ring from eBay. So many accessories and so little money, at least with Chinese New year and a basketball tournament coming up this week will be my last of being poor and without money. I love getting paid cash in hand.

While I have found more stock coming in online it looks like there won't be anymore complete works of William Shakespeare clutches being produced. I can't help but feel like I've been unjustly cheated somehow- for the past three years I've studied a work by Shakespeare and now so much about the themes of Hamlet as well as wrote one of the best damn essays in my final examination and earned myself an A. There's so much exquisite and finely stitched detail on the ornamental wreaths as well as the scriptures around him and even his little stitched beard! I wish I was able to get my hands on this but I missed my opportunity. God never closes a door without opening a window though and it looks like I may be able to score with another book on different hunting grounds- so to speak. Wish me luck!

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