Monday, January 16, 2012

Olivia Collings Antique Jewelry

I'm in way over my head when it comes to looking at all the gorgeous jewellery I can't afford, I thought it was bad enough when I was lusting over a kimono that cost some hundred dollars but the jewellery from Olivia Collings Antique Jewellery I found online at Barneys New York costs thousands of dollars for diamond earrings in tarnished metals but the craftsmanship is superb. I don't know a lot about diamonds or about the quality of metals but I do know what i like in terms of design and I adore this romantic looking and antique jewellery. It looks like something from a celebrity off a red carpet event and while I normally don't lust over jewellery of this style I can't resist it.

I only ever admire such jewellery in secret because my mother usually offers me the realistic explanation that I have no where to wear such jewellery and it would be a waste of time really but I can't help but wonder what it would be like if I had money to splash around or if I won the lottery and could buy whatever my heart desired. Sadly I know the value of a dollar and that hard work and patience is a virtue, there is no short cut to success etc.

It was this romantic looking ring that first allured me into exploring the website, and I was delighted to learn of its origins through someone's blogspot or personal website. I've been casually looking at a few cameo necklaces and rings but nothing like this- I love the painterly quality about the ring as well as what looks like a rose gold base. It's a crystal portrait ring from 1790 and an 18K gold band. I don't think I want a boring gold wedding ring, I want this from the love of my life and would be happy with a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings too.

I've always wanted to have a ring of my birthstone, being born in September I have sapphire but the pink stones you see above are topaz and not my beloved sapphire. That won't stop me from wanting it though, certainly I will be stopped by a lack of funds and not being able to afford a three thousand dollar ring. I'm beginning to see the difference between modern jewellery available in stores and antiques; there's more size and sparkle behind the stones and I do like that.

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