Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh Alexa Chung...

Amidst my health kick, cleaning spree and Australia Day celebrating I thought I'd squeeze in some blogging as well and feature a few morephotographs of my favourite woman on the planet and inspirational model, Ms Alexa Chung! With the amount of posts I have in her name and in a rough tribute to her you would think I could just make another blog dedicated to the British model but I think posting photographs of inspirational people and places keeps me on track with my everyday life. Later today I will try and manage my university orientation activities as well as hop back on the blogging band wagon. What better way than to show off an unreal looking wetsuit/ black leather turtle neck dress and Chung's hair looking gorgeously bedraggled? I wish I could bottle up her charm and sprinkle it on myself each day like pixie dust.

I think part of her charm can be attributed to that unique, one-of-a-kind haircut as well as vintage style and stick thin legs. Model figures are a tad unrealistic and unachievable but at least I have something to shoot for when toiling away on the exercise bike and picking up extra shifts at work; another of my favourite things about model Alexa Chung in particular is that her style is easy to imitate but even with the right clothes in the equation, you need some sort of quirky sass and charm to pull off the look properly. Nothing is sexier than confidence and I think that's why Alexa is a good role model. That, and the little fact that she doesn't look sickly thin like some internationally famous models.

When attending fashion house events such as performing DJ rites at Chanel Alexa still manges to look utterly chic while rocking a 1960s smock dress and some heavy duty gem encrusted clutches. I never was that way inclined as far as vintage eras went but I really love 60s/ 70s pieces now. I blame the influence of teenage fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson's as well as Alexa in part to my new found fascination.

I really didn't need further persuasion to buy a duffel coat with cute little toggles but I'll happily wait for the weather to turn a little colder before I snag one for myself; or perhaps a vintage cape. Alexa really looks great in this photograph and just when I thought my legs looked good in tights and skinny she blows me out of the water! Love her sunglasses and carefree smile in this photograph- their very mod shaped and she looks wonderful with the breeze playfully ruffling her hair.

I adore comfy cosy sweaters, they're the biggest piece of safety blanket and go-to clothing when I'm feeling sick and lousy and I've sort of been after a fluffy textured jumper such as what Alexa is sporting above. Keep in mind I've also been in the market for a good faux fur jacket as well as a kimono for warmer weather. Alas, I'm going to need to sell quite a few items if I'm ever to keep up with such an insatiable appetite fashion-wise.

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