Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Novella Royale Studded Bags

Ever since spying the Diego bag designed by Alexander Wang I've had a bit of an itching for drawstring and bucket bags again- and I love the size of these studded leather bags from Novella Royale. The 'Lux' drawcord shoulder bag costs a might $643 but there are seven shades to choose from, mainly differing shades of black a grey one and also brown. I was blown away with the small studded detail of gold covering the bag and the ruched effect of the drawcord. While I could have liked something a beat meatier for the strap to match the sheer size of the bag, beggars can't be choosers. I just wish the cost of these bags wasn't more than the Alexander Wang bags, or at least the ones I can find off eBay. Since Novella Royale isn't as big a brand there won't be second hand deals for me to snatch up like a vulture.

It's mainly the studded bags which have been made in a spectrum of leather shades, or from what I can gather they're the bags that are the most recent and haven't all sold out yet. Introducing the Hudson clutch which features an envelope like flap as well as many folds of soft buttery leather. I bet this over sized clutch would look great if you ever found a matching shade of lipstick or something in a deep, dark colour named 'orchid'. Novella Royale always seems to use the big and bold, gold coloured studs in the most fantastic and eye-catching designs. The lovely thing about this dark tone is that the golden studs make it versatile for day or night and even with a black dress it would suit well.

If I can get it in black, then I will buy it in black; I take this approach to many things within my life except for book bags and leather satchels in the style of the Cambridge Satchel Company. What's appealing to me about drawcord bags and bucket bags is that they remind me of a little bag I once made in after-school-care and it had a drawstring to it as well. It kind of speaks to me on a nostalgic level so I suppose that's why I'm attracted to buying a hand bag in black leather because it reminds me of my youth in which I enjoyed crafts and making things as well as looking to the future in which I hope to be a fashion forward lady with an eye for style.

The brown suede of this bowling bag hand bag and neat rows of plastic studs reminds me a lot of chocolate and the meticulous art of trying to neatly separate a row of chocolate from the rest of the bar. So really, If I was trying to take dieting seriously this would be a horrible idea but still something fashionable to sport. I love having the choice of two straps to a bag and I don't think it's messy at all, it lends extra versatility to a piece and lets you wear the bag how you want.

I must say with all the black, large studs featured on one side of the bag I am hooked. You know my style dear reader if you've been hanging on my words for too long; I like things that evoke the look of witches and dark magic. This is the closest you get really unless you count the black drawstring bags in leather. I think I would be a little fonder of the drawstring bags if I could somehow replace the pyramid and circle studs with stars and moons instead but I'm happy with what I've got to choose from.

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